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09:00 – 17:00 CET

Tuesday 10th May

Stavanger Concert Hall

Welcome to the main conference programme, starting at 09:00-17:00 (CET)

Citizens from both large cities and small communities all have the same basic needs. We all want to live in sustainable and green communities where children can grow up and have a safe and secure future. This binds us all. How can we contribute to the green shift together – leaving no one behind?
Enough talk, we have to act!

09:00 Welcome – Dagny Sunnanå Hausken (Mayor of Stavanger) / Stig Finnesand (Nordic Edge)

Doing good, feeling good, and knowing the difference – Daria Krinovos (Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies)

Host: Hilde Sandvik, Torgeir Waterhouse


09:50 Mission impossible? Activating EU’s Green Deal

With the Green Deal and the “Fit for 55” package, the EU has committed to cutting emissions by 55 percent by the end of this decade. For Europe’s cities, the stakes are even higher; with the EU inviting at least 100 of them to become climate neutral by 2030. But are these goals really feasible, and what changes do we need to implement to get there? What kind of support will the European cities receive?

Matthew Baldwin (European Commission)
Kyrre M. Knudsen (Sparebank 1 SR-Bank)

Panel discussion, Climate Neutral Cities: City of Stavanger / Miia Paananen (Turku) / Pieter Faber (Groningen) /Ryan Titley (ERRIN)
Moderator: Anthony van de Ven (Eindhoven Brainport EU)


11:10 Cities for people – leaving no one behind

In the process of becoming climate neutral we must not forget the people that actually live in the cities and communities. Social values and citizen involvement play a strong role in managing the change to become climate neutral. How can we secure that cities are developed for people. In the work of becoming climate neutral we must also work towards healthy, resilience and inclusive cities and communities. Leaving no one behind.

Brent Toderian (United Cities Funds)
Liselott Stenfeldt (Gehl Architects)
Mariela Alfonzo, Ph.D. (State of Place)
Marte Sootholtet (Impact StartUp Norway)
Arild Kristensen (NSCC)
Jannicke Haugan (Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank)

12:10 Citizen Involvement is important – but does it work?

With Arkitektnytt.

14:00 Do we have the right skills and training and enough talents for a green industry development?

The Norwegian government has ambitions to create jobs, increase exports and to cut greenhouse gas emissions through a green industrial boost. Do we have the necessary skills needed to succeed? Is there a correspondence between the need for IT and technology competence in the business world and what is taught at our universities? How do we ensure that the business community has access to the talents they need?

Panel discussion:  Kristine Steidel Dahl (Microsoft Norge) / Klaus Mohn (University of Stavanger) / Toril Nag (Lyse AS) / Torgeir Waterhouse (Otte) / Mali Hole Skogen (IKT-Norge)

14:40 Does public spending hit the green spot?

Public spending in the Nordics can be used strategically towards a socially and economically sustainable future and to accelerate the green transition. Both the public sector and the inhabitants benefit from vendors’ smart solutions. The National Programme for Supplier Development in Denmark, Finland and Norway are working in close collaboration with public buyers and suppliers to use public procurement as a strategic tool to achieve policy objectives and priorities. The Nordic panel will discuss how, together, we can achieve the full potential of public-private cooperation through procurement, by: creating awareness from action, showcasing good examples, inspiring and mobilizing to involve even more public actors and suppliers.

Gunn Marit Helgesen (Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) + Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)) / Ingebjørg Harto (Norway’s National Programme for Supplier Development) / Ole Lykkebo (The Danish Center for Public-Private Innovation) / Isa-Maria Bergman (Finish Competence Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Procurement) / Tone Grindland (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO))

15:20 Energy Emergency – from the big picture to small solutions for a greener future.

What does it take for this to be implemented and how should we handle the energy emergency?

– the big picture / GTAI – Energy Transition in Germany / Esben Otterlei Tonning (Lyse) –  Waste Heat Highway / Signify /
Anke Hoekstra (City of Leeuwarden) / Iris Kriikkula (City of Turku)- Realising Positive Energy Cities

How to balance Energy Consumption? Easee & Polestar

Moderator: Torgeir Waterhouse

16:00 Rethinking our future cities. How mobility strategies can contribute to healthy, green, inclusive and liveable cities.

Mobility is a centre piece in having a value-based approach to urban development. Values such as livability, healthy living and social equity cannot meaningfully come into play in urban development without using mobility as a key framework for implementation. This also means that we should broaden our understanding of how to approach mobility and the stakeholder groups involved.

BloxHub & EIT Mobility.

16:30 Is the Nordic Model the solution to becoming climate neutral?

Towards becoming climate neutral we need cross-sector and cross-boundary collaboration to build on the best ideas and the achievements from around the world. Through boundaryless exchange of concept and experiences, we can create new market opportunities for companies, new areas of research and development, and most importantly – better cities and communities for people to live in, today and for the future.

Josè Antonio Ondoviela (Microsoft Europe)
How to export Nordic Smart City Expertise together?  Kirsi Kotilainen (VTT) / Outi Valkama (Tampere)
The Nordic City Roadmap- best examples from Nordic Cities.
Moderator: Hilde Sandvik


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