Welcome to our unique exhibition “Living Lab” in Stavanger City Centre!

Living Lab opening times:

  • Tuesday: 12:00 – 18:00
  • Wednesday: 10:00 – 16:00

Nordic Edge Expo in the city of Stavanger

For the 8th leading Nordic event for smart cities and communities we are looking at new ways of showing of new technology and innovative solutions in the heart of Stavanger.

Use the map to navigate your way to the different locations for Nordic Edge Expo.

In addition to the conference programme, workshops and side events, the city centre will be transformed into an exhibition out of the ordinary. At various arenas in Stavanger, you will get to experience some of the new ideas that will bring us from awareness to action.

Keep on reading to find out more about our exhibition area “Show & Tell”, the Smart City Square, the varied exhibitors and everything you can experience!

Join our guided tour of the Living Lab

The Nordic Edge team would like to invite you to a guided tour of the Living Lab. Here we will visit the Smart City Square, where the City of Stavanger are showing of everything they’re working on for their citizens. After this we move on to our very own exhibition area on the harbour in Stavanger. Experience new technology and learn more about the companies working for a smarter and greener future.

We finish off the guided tour with a concert from MaiJazz at our stage in the square!



  • 17:00: Guided tour (meet up outside the concert hall)
  • 17:30: MaiJazz concert


  • 11:00: Guided tour (meet up by the stage at the square)
  • 12:00: MaiJazz concert
  • 14:30: Guided tour (meet up by the stage at the square)
  • 15:30: MaiJazz concert

Show & Tell

Along Vågen in Stavanger you will find multiple tents – this is our exhibition. We have moved out of the traditional exhibition arena to get closer to the people.

Here you will meet companies who are actively working on solutions for a smarter and greener tomorrow. This is your chance to discuss ideas and discover new possibilities.

Find a full list of all the exhibitors at the bottom of this page.

The Smart City Square

At the square, in the heart of the city, you can experience Stavanger Smart City from May 10th – 11th. As a part of Nordic Edge Expo, the City of Stavanger is gathering projects, departments, and partners to showcase how we are creating a smarter and more sustainable city.

You can test and learn more about:

  • the possibilities of VR-technology ads to education.
  • new digital tools for participation.
  • art as a tool in city development.
  • a shared, digital calendar for cultural events.
  • electric cargo bikes and financial support for private purchases.
  • entrepreneurship as a tool in education.
  • medical emergency drones.

This year’s theme is “from awareness to action”, which emphasises the importance of taking the good ideas for smart and sustainable cities and putting them to life. We’re excited to show you how the City of Stavanger is working towards a better future.

Opening hours: Tuesday 12.00 – 18.00, Wednesday 12.00 – 16.00

What is happening at the Living Lab?

The Nordic Hedge

Are you travelling by plane, train, boat or car to the Nordic Edge Expo? Do you want to climate compensate for your carbon footprint?

In collaboration with our cluster member Trefadder we are planting the Nordic Hedge!

This is the start of our own carbon compensating forest that will keep on growing, both in size and in height, each year at the Nordic Edge Expo. Come by the Trefadder-stand to buy a tree and contribute to the Nordic Edge forest “Nordic Hedge”.

Test drive cars with Easee

Easee are aiming at shaping the future of electricity by developing scalable and future-oriented technology.

At the Living Lab they will be showing of their chargers, not only for cars, but also the new permanent boat charger at the harbour in Stavanger.

But a charger needs a car, and therefore they’re bringing with them cars from different brands for you to look at, admire and test drive. Here you will see models from:

  • Polestar
  • Audi
  • Skoda
  • VW
  • Volvo
  • Ford

Visit the Living Lab digitally

Do you want to visit the Living Lab, but are unable to join us in person?

With their cutting-edge technology, Geograf Digital will scan the Living Lab and make it possible for you to attend the exhibition digitally!

Tune in when we open on Tuesday at 12:00 to have a look around the Living Lab and read more about our exhibitors in this virtual space, or come by the Geograf Digital-stand to hear more about what they do!

Our Exhibitors



Celsia is a Nordic software company making EU Taxonomy scoring simple, fast and precise. Their solution enables companies to score themselves and actively work with managing and improving their sustainability performance. Celsia is used by private and publicly listed alike, and the company has several financial institutions among its clients. The company is headquartered in Oslo, with offices in Berlin and Copenhagen.



Cyclomedia is the world leading company in Mobile Mapping. Cyclomedia captures data from the real world and transforms it into valuable insights, enabling you to understand the complexities of the environment around you.

Using the world’s most accurate 360 ° street-level visualizations, enhanced by innovative AI-powered analytics, Cyclomedia delivers actionable insights. Insights that you can use today to build a better tomorrow. The company is Headquartered in Zaltbommel, Netherlands but have local presence in Denmark operating in the Nordics.




Ducky provides a suite of digital climate tools for both public and private sector for measuring and reducing consumer-based climate emissions. Ducky combines established behavioral science, fun and technology to mobilize individuals and organizations to take direct action.



Easee offer premium electrical vehicle chargers that are small, smart and full of power. By shaping the future of electricity and business culture, focusing on developing scalable and future-oriented technology while setting an example of what a sustainable organization can be, Easee aims to become one of the largest companies in green technology within 2026.



Geograf Digital is a tech and consulting company that reduces risk in construction projects. Their primary markets are the oil industry and mapping authorities. Geograf has extensive experience with offshore exploration, field development projects and processing of seismic and navigation data.



Home deliveries and returns made easy. Homeboxx gives busy families time to spare. Homeboxx allows you to have your groceries and all your online purchases delivered right to your front door. This means simple and secure home delivery without you having to be home when your items arrive.



InfoTiles offers end-to-end streaming data solutions, enabling businesses to accelerate sustainable digital transformation and embrace innovation. Their digital water solutions are recognized as an innovative solution in improving smart cities and utilities.



Innocode is a digital innovation partner for successful startups and leading media companies who want to build user value, relevance and new revenue streams through great digital solutions. Innocode believes in creating relevant communication through digital innovations.


Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations offer a unique software system, Fetch™, that present unstructured information in a structured way. Fetch™ allows you to save time by automatically linking and combining all relevant information across all sources.

  • Stein Fredriksen
  • Director Business Development
  • sf@intop.no


Intoto is a Norwegian tech company and digital platform making river data as understandable as today’s weather services.

It’s getting warmer, wetter and wilder and there are many factors affecting our climate. Our society needs to be better equipped with new tools to gain knowledge, information and make better decisions around what’s happening within and around these very important waterways.There are many people who care about these changes in real-time, past and future.

With our digital platform at Intoto we collect and serve data that tells our users what’s happening in rivers, fjords and harbours that is easy to use, understand and relate to. We set a new standard here in Norway by recently launching “Norway’s Smartest River” with high customer value within hydroelectric power, fish farming, the public sector, private business and insurance companies.

Rivers are like the blood vessels and lifeline through all the continents of the world. Our scalable platform is not just relevant here in Norway but across the globe. Therefore our goal is to become a global leader within this space. We will give our customers everywhere the tools they need to become better prepared for the key decisions making. Water is our most important common resource and we’re here to help innovate.



Kolumbus is a mobility provider with the ambition to make Rogaland a better place to live through a zero growth in private car traffic. In addition to a zero growth in car traffic, Kolumbus will contribute to a better Rogaland by offering fossil free transport by 2024.



LuxSave provides smart tools for municipal light management, covering the whole value chain with control of streetlights, data validation and workflow, update and messages to the public.



Lyse Group is a Norwegian provider of energy, infrastructure and telecommunication, and is owned by 16 municipalities in South Rogaland. Lyse Group is a substantial national operator within renewable energy, as well as the national leader within fibre-optic broadband.


Nabla Flow

Nabla Flow aims to smarten the micro-climate simulations market, helping architects, municipalities and engineers to build better buildings and cities. Nabla Flow changes the way the world thinks about wind through High Performance Computing.



Nivel enables cities to get the best out of shared micromobility through smart and digital regulation that makes cities tidier, safer and more accessible.



Nornir HIVE is the world’s first collective machine learning network. Nornir HIVE offers server-less, no-code and noninvasive implementation towards existing systems. Through seamlessly unifying your data and devices with AI, they reduce your costs by 90% and energy consumption by 50%.



Polestar is a Swedish premium electric vehicle manufacturer, currently producing Polestar 2. In the coming three years, Polestar plans to launch one new electric vehicle per year, starting with Polestar 3 in 2022 – the company’s first electric performance SUV. As the company seeks to reduce its climate impact with every new model, Polestar aims to produce a truly climate-neutral car by 2030.


Rubrik – Zero Trust Data Security from Datacenter to Azure

Using Zero Trust Data Security, enterprises can recover their data after an attack and avoid paying the ransom. Together, Rubrik and Microsoft will help enterprises manage hybrid and multi-cloud data security, and defend against escalating ransomware threats.



SpillTech is an agile and innovative company developing optimal solutions for removal of waste from rivers, ports and coastal areas.



Tectals driving force is to create smart and future-oriented solutions for infrastructure. They are a group of ambitious and committed technology heads who develop, produce and deliver simplified, unexpected solutions to complicated, unresolved challenges.



Trefadder is Norway’s largest actor in BIO-carbon capture. By building Norwegian climate forests, they capture large amounts of CO2. The climate forests are built in collaboration with landowners and creates jobs in the rural areas. Both companies and private individuals can compensate their emissions through Trefadder.