Exhibitors 2020


Aiwell Water AS

Aiwell Water AS is a newly established company under Aiwell Holding AS that works with siphonic drains in the streets. Today, all storm water in the pipes flows relatively slowly and by force of gravity.  When we remove all the air from the water with our proprietary system and thereby fill the pipes with 100% water, we can increase the water velocity. In this way we can carry more water, faster, through existing pipes by recycling pipes that are already in place. We install this system without having to dig up the existing pipes, so municipalities can save huge costs. This type of construction is much faster. With this system, the impact on the local population, traffic, and commercial operations is minimized.

We have started to cooperate with two universities: USN (University of South East Norway), where one of our employees will start a PHD study; and NMBU where a student will work on her Master’s thesis featuring this new Aiwell Water concept. We have built the first simple facility together with Drammen municipality. It has been a huge success and worked very well now for almost two years. Currently, we are working with Asker Municipality to move forward on a new project that will bring us closer to our goal. This goal is twofold: to develop systems that can regulate large existing areas using siphonic drains; and also to effectively lay new pipes in flat terrain without using pumps.

Calculations already show that capacity can be increased by 25-30% with a minimum slope. We can realistically expect to increase it further to 50-100% with a little more difference in elevation. 



A Fortune 109 company with 20,100 employees and 2018 sales of $29.7 billion, Arrow Electronics is the ultimate technology enabler, developing solutions for over 200,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers around the world.
Our strategic direction of guiding innovation forward is expressed in the company’s Five Years Out brand platform. Five Years Out is a way of thinking about the tangible future, of bridging the gap between what’s possible and the practical technologies to make it happen.
Arrow’s incredibly broad portfolio brings a unique vantage over the entire technology landscape to every conversation with every customer as we help them design, source, build and launch products that improve the quality of life for people around the world and make the benefits of innovation more accessible to all.


Asker Municipality

Asker is a new municipality based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have used SDGs and their targets as an overall and integral framework for our new municipality, implemented in our strategic plans, in the measurement and management systems and in our budgets.

We would like to show you:

– our municipality’s biggest challenges according to the U4SSC Key Performance Indicators for Smart Sustainable Cities

– how we address these challenges with methodology, strategies, tools, pilot experiments, projects and examples of problem solving solutions.

– how digitization and smart technology can be part of the solution by showing 30 examples that have been introduced in our municipality the last six months, participating in a “digital transformation of our society overnight”

This is an ongoing process:
Are you or your organization, products or services a part of the solution?



Atea is a future-oriented and responsible IT-company offering a comprehensive range of products and services. In close cooperation with customers and partners, Atea develops solutions the next generation can be proud of. 


Blueday Technology

Blueday Technology addresses the challenges of energy optimization, hybrid grid, digitalization and power generation. Their cost saving solutions contribute to climate change through increased electrification, less fuel consumption, reduced emissions and improved efficiency.


Bouvet Norge

Bouvet is a leading Scandinavian consultancy company. We deliver a wide range of advisory and operational services related to technology, communication and business analysis/management. Our integrated spectrum of services makes us a preferred digitalization-partner in the public and private sector, independent of industry. Our solid customer-base has allowed us to grow into 1500 employees in 13 cities in Norway and Sweden.



Founded in 1976, CGI Group Inc. is today the world’s fifth largest independent provider of services within IT – and business processes. With 77 500 coworkers worldwide, CGI delivers a portfolio backed with solutions in advanced IT and business consulting services, system integration and business processes. CGIs model with customer intimacy, a global delivery network and their own solutions contribute to customers getting results and digital transformation.

City of Stavanger

City of Stavanger

The City of Stavanger is located in Rogaland, southwest of Norway. Stavanger is Norway’s fourth largest city with 142,000 inhabitants. The municipality of Stavanger has its own smart city department and is working on several projects related to smart city development.

Construction City

Construction City

Construction City is an innovation cluster with a mission to drive collaboration and new solutions in the construction industry. Accommodating the entire value chain from promising startups to major entrepreneurs, this is where cross-sector players meet to share insights, collaborate on projects and lift the industry’s competitiveness.


Disruptive Engineering

Disruptive Engineering is the next standard for measuring traffic data. Our unique road sensor technology can detect and classify any vehicle, even by fuel type, without the use of cameras.

Our goal is simple; provide our customers with the most detailed GDPR-compliant traffic data available, so we can solve issues related to safety, congestion and emission.



Design and Architecture Norway is a driving force for sustainable value creation through design and architecture. DOGA facilitate collaboration between creative talents and businesses, and work to strengthen the role of design and architecture in shaping the Norway of tomorrow.


Germany Trade & Invest

Germany Trade & Invest is the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. The company helps create and secure extra employment opportunities, strengthening Germany as a business location. With more than 50 offices in Germany and abroad and its network of partners throughout the world, Germany Trade & Invest supports German companies setting up in foreign markets, promotes Germany as a business location and assists foreign companies setting up in Germany.


Gjøvik municipality

Situated in inland Norway on the shores of lake Mjøsa, Gjøvik is a modern small city in growth with 30.000 inhabitants. The three most important things to know about Gjøvik:

  1. Technology and production
    We have industrial roots. Gjøvik and its neighbour Raufoss is one of the strongest technological industrial business environments in Norway.
  2. Knowledge and competence
    We are a centre of higher education and have the highest number of students between Oslo and Trondheim. Both the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and a large technical college (Fagskolen Innlandet) have campuses here.
  3. Culture and music
    We have a rich music tradition, as well as an abundance of outdoor and other cultural activities. Gjøvik is the music capital of inland Norway.

Smart city Gjøvik
In our smart city programme, «Smart Gjøvik”, we use data and technology in new, smart and creative ways to underpin our city vision: “The University City of Gjøvik – leading in sustainable growth and development”. Our smart city projects will give us benefits and innovative solutions for climate, environment or resource issues, and are run in line with the principles from the National Roadmap for Smart and Sustainable Cities.



Goscore brings a human credit scoring to private customers using modern ML technology and data enriched with PSD2 customer transactions. We deliver solutions and services to banks, insurance, retail companies to help them make the right credit decisions, personalize existing and develop new products, get more customers without marketing budget changes, reduce loan default rate. Our solutions made customer-centric and user-friendly and easy to integrate into the existed flow.



imagiLabs equips girls (9-15) to create with technology and be part of a movement of girls shaping the future. Our first product, the imagiCharm, is a smart accessory that can be customised through programming straight from the phone. Our mobile application works with or without the imagiCharm and provides not only a fun and easy-to-get-started introduction to Python programming but an online community of creators


Impact Mapper

ImpactMapper helps corporations, governments, multilaterals, investors and philanthropy track and visualize their social impact. We do this through our proprietary software platform that blends storytelling, quantitative and financial metrics with visualization. We also offer custom consulting services to support organizations in aligning their values and metrics so they can make better business decisions on how to catalyze social impact and sustainability for people and planet. 



InfoTiles offers end-to-end streaming data solutions, enabling businesses to accelerate sustainable digital transformation and embrace innovation. Their digital water solutions are recognized as an innovative solution in improving smart cities and utilities.


Innovasjonspark Stavanger

People and the professional environment in Innovation Park Stavanger contribute every day to solving national and global challenges in energy, information technology, the food industry, aquaculture, health and geo-science. Solutions created in our innovative environment can be found today on your dinner plate, in your house, in space and on the ocean floor. We work every day in an environment where we learn from each other, ask questions, test prototypes and are engaged and excited about new solutions. Several national and regional business clusters have been established here and contribute to cooperation, exchange of knowledge and innovation. Various laboratories and the world’s most complete test facility, Ullrigg, are part of our local environment, as is Norway’s newest university hospital, which will be completed in 2023.



It’s all in your own hands !

INSUREit aims to bring together all insurance policies in one service – regardless of the insurance company. The service gives you an overview of all insurances and terms, you can compare prices, make changes to existing insurance and get new insurance offers. The service also includes advice from experts and AI and much more.



IWMAC is a Norwegian technology company that develops software for monitoring, managing and alerting technical facilities. We also deliver a solution that makes older buildings smarter! Why? – because it benefits both the globe and the wallet. Move your building decades forward with IWMAC.


Kaizen Solutions

Kaizen Solutions was founded in 2016 and started development of DigiLEAN.tools – a web-based toolbox with lean tools. DigiLEAN.tools is designed to be user friendly and modern and gives our customers a perfect place to collaborate, share, learn and drive continuous improvement using visualization and digital tools recognized from the lean world.



The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) is the organisation for all local governments in Norway. KS is Norway’s largest public employer organisation.



Lyse Group is a Norwegian provider of energy, infrastructure and telecommunication, and is owned by 16 municipalities in South Rogaland. Lyse Group is a substantial national operator within renewable energy, as well as the national leader within fibre-optic broadband.


Mobility Forus

Developing and operating autonomous transport
Mobility Forus tests and deploys new solutions for autonomous vehicles in close collaboration with cities and municipalities.

New digital platforms for coordinating transport services and the sharing economy contribute to wide-ranging changes in public transport. One of the most significant changes in the coming decades could be the introduction of autonomous vehicles.

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC) is a cluster with more than 140 companies and 50 municipalities/government institutions as participants. They work with Smart Care – digital healthcare solutions for the interplay between user-patient in their home and municipality / hospital.


SAMS Norway

SAMS Norway is a business cluster focusing on development of systems for sustainable autonomous transport solutions used on land, air and sea. Within the field of mobility, SAMS is a national non- profit member organization that works closely with their partners to reach common goals.



Seaber AS is a Norwegian company founded in 2017. We work towards a vision of a safer and more social way of boating.

The Seaber App was piloted in 2019, and officially launched in the summer of 2020. More than 20 000 Norwegian boaters have already downloaded the Seaber-App.


SevenSix Tennis

SevenSix Tennis is a sports-tech company in the mission to help tennis players improve their technique to accelerate their game. 

The company is the world’s first AI tennis coach,  build with AI, Machine Learning, and advanced mathematics. They have picked the brain of the best tennis coaches and have transformed their knowledge into algorithms. 

“We use computer vision to identify and measure the right movements, swing cure, and ball impact point. No hardware, no sensors only your smartphone”



At Shayp, we know that water-leaks and water damages can be a nightmare for you. This is why we developed a solution to help you remotely monitor your water consumption, detect leakages, prioritize maintenance, and prevent your water bill from skyrocketing. Shayp provides a one-stop solution combining both hardware and software: a non-invasive IoT device that only needs to be plugged onto the existing water meter and a user-friendly platform where you can follow your water consumption at any time, and alert you as soon as leak is detected by our machine-learning algorithm.”



Signify is a world leading company in lighting. Signify’s connected lighting offerings bring light and the data they collect to devices, places and people – redefining what light can do and how people use it. Their innovations contribute to a safer, smarter and more sustainable world.



SINTEF is a broad, multidisciplinary research organisation with international top-level expertise in the fields of technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social sciences. SINTEF is one of the largest contract research institutions in Europe.


Smart Cities Marketplace

The Smart City Marketplace (former EIP-SCC) plays a distinctive and new role compared to other European Commission platforms. Engaging cities, industry and financiers in interest matching activities, leading to project design and delivery shall be the Marketplace’s team objective.  Building solutions and facilitation are the two main tasks of the Marketplace to help deliver investments.



Smedvig is a family office investing in property, private equity and investment funds. Smedvig seeks to back potential and build to last, as well as positively engage with the local community.


Sparebank 1 SR-Bank

SpareBank 1 is a family of independent banks with strong local ties. Sparebank 1 is an engaged and responsible actor continuously working to reduce its environmental footprint and support sustainable restructuring.


Telia Norge

Telia is the largest telecom company in the Nordics, and builds socially critical infrastructure and deliver innovative products and services within TV, internet, mobile and smart home technology.

The Explorer-Logo

The Explorer

The Explorer is Norway’s official marketplace for green technology. The Explorer is a free matchmaking service for connecting global challenges with green solutions.



Veeam® is the leader in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™. Veeam provides a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing your data. Our solutions are simple to install and run, flexible enough to fit into any environment and always reliable.



Veni is a technology and innovation company offering expertise in business management, project management, system development, proptech, sustainability, energy, VDC, integration, IT infrastructure, support and operation of IT solutions. Their ambition is to combine knowledge about digitalization technology with deep industry competence and new methodology.

VIA Cluster

VIA Cluster

VIA cluster (Vital Infrastructur Arena) is the leading Norwegian cluster for safe, smart and sustainable transport infrastructure. The cluster aims at strengthening the member’s opportunities for commercialising new technology and solutions.



Vixel are the creators of Vrex – a cloud based Virtual Reality platform where teams, end-users and decision-makers can easily meet inside a 3D-model of a building or facility to discuss design, challenges and solutions. The results are faster decisions, lower risk and increased user satisfaction in construction projects.