Programme 20-23 September

Nordic Edge Expo 2021 offers 4 days with 4 different topics– presented from all over the Nordics and Brussels. Each day starts with a 2-hour live TV broadcast and there will be 6 exclusive sessions each day related to the topics.  

Each day is dedicated to a two-hour main stage programme broadcast live. Keynote talks are to be presented from the heart of European legislation, Brussels, across the Nordics and internationally. The afternoon presents in-depth parallel sessions and workshops hosted by a wide variety of partners.


Monday 20 September: Come Clean
Smart energy concepts for a greener future. Critical energy infrastructure, smart energy grids, the Nordic approach to 100 climate-neutral cities, as well as digital twins, and the opportunities and criticism of battery technology, will be addressed.

Tuesday 21 September: Life Actually
Cities are developed for and by people. It’s about empowering citizens – innovative procurement and life-long learning. What is going on in the minds and hearts of the citizens? Join us for talks on Post-COVID mental health, public-private partnerships for community building and business development, and practical tools for citizen engagement.

Wednesday 22 September: On the Move
The mobility of tomorrow, on land, at sea and in the air. The experience and future of autonomous mobility, urban airports, and micro-mobility in our cities, including ethics and the aspect of security will be highlighted.

Thursday 23 September: Places and Spaces
How will we live and work together tomorrow? We are reinventing our human-made surroundings in an attractive and more sustainable way. There will be talks on the New European Bauhaus, the re-purposing of our city centres and the built environment, at home and at work.