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Youth Achievement: National Kick-Off

Inspiring the future entrepreneurs of the world with the national kick-off for Youth Companies.

The international organisation, Youth Achievement (Ungt Entreprenørskap) is on a mission to bridge the gap between education and industry and between the private and public sectors. They do this through entrepreneurial teaching-programs, all the way from primary school to university.

Their vision is to “inspire young people to innovate and create value.» The Company Programme (Ungdomsbedrift) gives students in upper secondary school the experience of establishing, running and closing a company during a school year, supervised by teachers and a mentors from the local business community. Ungt Entreprenørskap has more than 150.000 pupils and students attending their programs in Norway, 5.000 of them in Rogaland.

At Nordic Edge Expo students across Norway will be gathering the digital KickOff for the 2020/21 company program.

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