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What is a City without its People?

In the green and digital transition of our cities and communities, we hear from top politicians, renowned academics, and forward leaning businesses. We talk about new innovations, strategies and investments for the green future and the next generations. Amid the loud voices from the top, we must not forget the most central aspect of any community: The citizens. Citizen involvement creates the very foundation of our democracies, and we ask: What is a city without its people?  When we move forward, adapting to climate change, how can we ensure a democratic process?  How do we create solutions that work – with, by and for the people?

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Anna Lisa Boni has been secretary general of EUROCITIES since June 2014. She has 25 years of professional experience in EU public affairs in the field of local and regional government and has successfully worked for a stronger recognition of cities’ challenges within the European agenda.

Her aim is to act in a way that best serves European cities as key players in the European project and centres for generating renewal and growth. Anna Lisa has a Masters degree from the University of Bologna in political science, and from the University of Leuven in European studies.

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