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The Power of User Insights in Innovation

Welcome to Accelerating Innovation at Innoasis, an innovation programme designed by Nordic Edge and the University of Stavanger to enhance your innovation capabilities. Through four sessions, we will explore various aspects of innovation and how to use it to take your organisation to the next level. This is a great place to acquire new innovation skills, share experiences and extend your network.

Session 3: The power of user insights in innovation

What have users truly done for your organization’s innovation journey, and are you harnessing their potential to the fullest?

Challenge your assumptions about innovation by delving into the power of user insights. In this session, we explore the growing interest in ‘free innovation,’ unlocking the valuable contributions users can make to enhance front-end ideation and downstream adoption and diffusion.

Can your organization afford to overlook the untapped resource of user-driven innovation? Join us to redefine your approach and leverage user insights to propel your innovation initiatives forward.

Key Questions:
Have you tapped into the wealth of insights your users can offer?
Is your organization leveraging user-driven innovation to its full potential?
Can you afford to ignore the valuable contributions users can make to your innovation processes?

Key Takeaways:
Strategies to mobilize the power of user insights for innovation.
Improved front-end ideation and adoption processes.
Practical approaches to integrate user-driven innovation into your organizational culture.


  • Non member: 1500 kr
  • Nordic Edge cluster member: 800 kr

Speakers and organisers

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John Bessant – Originally a chemical engineer, John Bessant has been active in the field of research and consultancy in technology and innovation management for over 40 years.   He is Emeritus Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Exeter and also has visiting appointments at the universities of Stavanger, Norway and Erlangen-Nuremburg, Germany.  He has acted as advisor to various national governments, to international bodies including the United Nations, The World Bank and the OECD and to a wide range of companies. He is the author of over 40 books and monographs and many articles on the topic; the most recent including Managing innovation (2020) (now in its 7th edition). You can find more and follow his blog at


Bjarne Uldal
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Bjarne Uldal is a brand & business innovator who, over the last 25 years, has been involved in more than 30 start-ups, both as an investor, business developer and brand consultant.  Marrying a deep knowledge of branding with a hands-on approach to entrepreneurship, Bjarne has earned a reputation as a creative, commercially oriented person, who’s always on the lookout for points of differentiation that can be accentuated by compelling storytelling.

Bjarne is one of the co-founders of Nordic Edge, the official Norwegian innovation cluster on smarter cities and communities, and the organizer of the Nordic Edge Expo – the largest annual conference and exhibition in the Nordics on Smart City trends, methodology, new innovation and technology.

In his capacity of being the Chief Innovation Officer at Nordic Edge, Bjarne is responsible for establishing innovation partnerships with companies, organizations and academic institutions around Europe, in China and in the US. Bjarne has also been the main facilitator of the process leading up to the launch of the national Smart Roadmap for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities last year. Furthermore Bjarne acts as a facilitator and advisor to a number of cities and municipalities who are determined to build smarter and more sustainable communities.

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Tatiana Iakovleva is a distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Stavanger, Norway. With a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship, her expertise spans entrepreneurial intentions, innovation management, and business social responsibility. Authoring two pivotal books, she delves into inclusive entrepreneurship practices in digital health and the role of entrepreneurial universities. With over 75 peer-reviewed publications in esteemed journals, she boasts an h-index of 20 on Google Scholar. Recognized with the Top Research Award for Young Female Researchers, Tatiana pioneered an innovation and entrepreneurship Master’s at Stavanger, mentored 30+ student and start up teams, and leads a significant international research project on digital health entrepreneurship.


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