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Sustaining the Nordics’ Leading Policy Achievements in Urban and Regional Development through Better Integration

The Nordic Edge is the title of a new book on what English-speaking countries can learn from policies in which Nordic countries are global leaders.

The book’s co-editor, Professor Andrew Scott from Deakin University, discusses this – along with what the Nordic countries can learn from Australia, as part of the two-way global dialogue now needed for the world to tackle its social and economic, as well as its pressing environmental challenges.

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Dr Andrew Scott is Professor of Politics and Policy at Deakin University, Inaugural Convenor of The Australia Institute Nordic Policy Centre and author or editor of six books including The Nordic Edge: Policy Possibilities for Australia (Melbourne University Press, 2021). He advocates proven social democratic policies to improve prosperity and fairness, through: healthy urban design; affordable housing options encompassing secure, good-quality rental opportunities; balanced regional development characterised by a reasonable spread of medium-sized cities; and support for local employment transitions of workers in regions hit hard by industrial change. He has extensive practical policy experience advising senior parliamentarians at national level, and government at sub-national level; as well as having been a trade union researcher.

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