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Sustainability Transition through Disruptive Technology

Get inspiration on how to tackle your challenges from real life applications. A showcase journey of how to take an entire city to net zero or manage climate change impact.

The workshop aims to support your organization accelerating your digitalization and sustainable journey. Using design thinking methodology, we help you identify the right opportunities, it is all about using existing your expertise and knowledge in a disruptive way.

Part 1: Ideation

  • Brainstorming session
  • Grouping ideas

Part 2: Prioritisation

  • Define high impact and low resources
  • Map projects into an impact chart
  • Identify projects to start with, create a roadmap

What you will get:

  • A complete report, documentation of your work from the cession to take home.
  • Create a common understanding of where your organization is and the opportunities ahead
  • Prioritized projects roadmap to support your digitalization and sustainable roadmap
  • Identified projects to kick-off immediately
  • Team Building and great fun


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A champion for simulation and complex data visualization with a background as an Industrial Designer, Joel was born and educated in the UK and moved to Ålesund, Norway 12 years ago. He is passionate about using elegant technology and human centred design to reduce cost, find better solutions, increase safety and improve quality of life. After running successful businesses, 6 years ago he was asked to take over as the CEO of Offshore Simulator Centre (OSC). He transformed this business using simulation technology for the offshore oil industry as a key tool for Virtual prototyping.

Joel is passionate about proving the value in simulation and driving the exponential growth of simulation with OSC at the forefront. Only 6 Months ago as well as running OSC he started a daughter company “AugmentCity” using the simulation and visualizing technology developed for the offshore industry, and in tight cooperation with the United Nations smart cities program, as a game changing tool for Smart Cities. He is excited to see where this new journey will take us.

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Celine holds a master’s degree in Thermodynamic and Energy production from Polytech’Nantes in France. Celine started her career in China working for Stokke AS, the Norwegian Premium Baby furniture manufacturer, as a Sourcing Manager before moving to Norway in 2015 where she became Project manager and then Product Marketing manager. The combination of those various positions gave her a strong experience for end-to-end responsibility to bring successful product to the market. As a COO at AugmentCity, Celine is leading the team for business development, it includes sales, project and data management as well as 3D artist and UI expert to build a customer centric experience.

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With an educational background in engineering, customer experience and entrepreneurship, Karoline has a passion for helping businesses and customers thinking outside the box and create business viable products and services that creates true value for the users. After 8 years of experience with product development in 3 continents Karoline is now working as an Innovation Manager with AugmentCity, helping cities transition into net zero using disruptive digital twin technology.

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