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Join The Nordics at Smart City World Expo in Barcelona 17-18 November 2020.

The European Union has granted our society a phenomenal task in achieving climate neutrality by 2030. As an ambitious smart city region, with a strong history of cross-sector collaboration and citizens involvement, the Nordics have the potential to pave the way for climate neutral cities.

This session will explore how the Nordics can combine its cultural heritage and sought-after design to deliver carbon neutral city development.



Pia Fischer

About SCWE 2020

Smart City World Expo in Barcelona becomes Smart City Live this year.

It will be a one-shot, innovative edition happening digitally on November 17 – 18, 2020.

The new Smart City Live will consist of a full-day, broadcast television show on day one, with interviews, debates, and success stories focusing on how COVID-19 has impacted cities and is redefining citizens’ normality, plus a program on day two featuring workshops, sessions, and side events, which will gather key players and global institutions to tackle the challenges beyond the short-term impact of the pandemic. Register at the Smart City Live.

Connect with industry leaders and public stakeholders at the 7th edition of the Smart City Brokerage Event. In this edition the brokerage event will be virtual#SCLive2020  #SmartCityBrokerage

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