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Nordic Perspective on the European Union

Europe has entered a new decade, with new priorities, programmes and initiatives. A decade of climate action, disruptive technologies and rapid digitalization – consequences of which are felt not only on a global and European level, but also in the regions. Regional stakeholders are equally faced with the challenges of tomorrow, but how can they maneuver in this rapidly shifting landscape?

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Runa Monstad is the Director of the Stavanger Region European Office. For the last 20 years, Mrs. Monstad has worked in Brussels for the EFTA Secretariat, the EU Commission and EFTA Surveillance Authority, where she has dealt with different areas of the EEA covering topics such as state aid, competition, transport and energy. For a period she also worked in a Spanish law firm in Madrid. Mrs. Monstad has a law degree from the University of Oslo, Norway and the University of Deusto, Spain

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