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Nordic Fund Day

Nordic Fund Day is an interactive event aimed at connecting start-ups with compatible investors. Start-ups with solutions for smart, green and vibrant cities will be hand picked through a thorough selection prosess to present their business idea to a professional investor network. Start-ups, scale-ups and investors will join from all over the Nordics and Europe.

Does your start-up have what it takes?

We are targeting start-ups with solutions for:

Spaces and places – Proptech, architecture & city development

Urban Energy – The use, distribution and production of energy in urban areas

Mobility – Solutions for blue and green mobility

Communication – Technology for enabling a smart and connected city

Citizen services – technology for education, community & inclusiveness

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What to expect as a startup?

As a start-up attending Nordic Fund Day, we want to offer a smooth application process, and in addition, give you the best foundation to raise capital. All companies will therefore go through a full screening and an investor prep programme.


  1. Selection, between April 4th – 8th: We will contact you and let you know if you have been selected or not.
  2. Prep sessions, between April 18th – 29th: In advance, the selected companies will go through an investor prep programme to become investor ready. The prep session will be attended by funding experts and friendly minded investors.
  3. Nordic Edge Expo, May 10th – 11th: all selected start-ups will get the opportunity to host their own pop-up stand in our “Start-up and Investor Village”. 
  4. Nordic Fund Day, May 10th: This is the night. We are gathering the investors and eligible start-ups to present for each other, mix and meet.

Looking to fund?

The south-west region in Norway is one of wealthiest and the most productive region in the Nordics. Through oil, gas, and offshore activity the region has built a potent investor community that is now shifting towards investments in smart and sustainable technology for the future. We are now gathering the local investor community, as well as Nordic and international investors to connect with each other and growing start-ups. 

Are you looking to connect with compatible investors and companies, or du you have companies in your portfolio that should attend this event? Send an email to


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