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Join a Start-Up Night

Welcome to the fourth edition of Join a Start-Up Night!

At Join a Start-Up Night, we facilitate for talents and start-ups to meet, mingle, and find a good match for a future employment.

This is a unique arena for start-ups to find eager talents full of knowledge, and for enthusiastic talents to find a relevant job!

When: 25th January, 18:00 – 21:00
Where: Innoasis, Sverdrups Gate 27, 4007 Stavanger
Hosted by: Nordic Edge, Valide, FOMO, Terran and Lyspæren at the University of Stavanger
Sign up: HERE

18:00 – 18:20: Arrival and mingling
18:20 – 18:40: Welcome and ice breaker
18:40 – 19:45: Presentations from the start-ups
19:45 – 21:00: Snacks, drinks and mingling between the talents and start-ups

For the talents

Many students, graduates and other talents are looking for a chance to gain experience that’s relevant for their education and that will challenge them to expand their horizons. Working in a start-up will give you a unique chance to be part of a new and innovative environment.

Are you interested in participating in this event as a talent looking for a job? Please sign up using the link. The event has a limited number of places.

Please contact Malin at if you have any questions or if you have registered, but you are not able to attend after all.

For the start-ups

This event is full and it is therefore not possible to pitch to the talents. Get in touch if you would like a stand during the mingling.

Having a student, graduate or other talent on your team can provide new and valuable knowledge in the process of growing your company. This event has a proven track record of leading to successful hires. The talents who attend are enthusiastic, engaged, and eager to apply their knowledge in real-world work settings.

We’re inviting students and talents from a diverse range of study programs and backgrounds. Here you can present a potential part time or full-time job, a summer internship, or a project you need help with.

Would you like to participate? Send a short description of your start-up and the available position to

Any employment is between the start-up and talent, Nordic Edge and Valide does not facilitate for this.

Companies and positions

Summer internship at is on a mission to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the recruitment industry, which has rapidly grown over the past five years. We are a great place to work with a good work culture and healthy code.

Customer success team
If you are interested in learning how to build long-term customer relationships, we want you to apply.

As an intern, you will have a deep dive into all aspects of the team’s work to ensure stellar customer experience. Here are some examples of assignments: updating and creating customer related documentation, making FAQs, videos, participating in customer support meetings, setting up dashboards, and much more!

Product development team
We are looking for an intern to join our product development team. If you are interested in data analytics, building ETL and dashboards, we want you to apply.

We need you to know Python, SQL, or MongoDB.

To apply use this link or write to


Entry-Level Marketing Executive

As an Entry-Level Marketing Executive at Zeproc, your responsibilities will include:

  • Implementing marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • Collaborating with experienced professionals to learn and grow.
  • Contributing creative ideas to enhance Zeproc’s presence in Norway.

Digvijay Rajan Mahajan at


  • Sales
  • Digital marketing
  • Business development
  • Finance
  • Also, someone with skills in AI for a new product under our brand

Preeti Agarwal at


We want to hire a statistician who can assist us with dynamic uncertainty calculations based on our forecasts.

A part-time developer is needed, with expertise in both front-end or back-end development.

We are looking for a marketer interested in developing our B2B marketing efforts towards the international market.

Knut Husdal at


Master Thesis Candidate
We deal with a wide range of fun stuff (which potentially can make a real impact) – from cybernetics and electronics to smart marketing and climate accountability. Would you like to discuss a topic for your thesis and see if we could both benefit from helping each other? Get in touch!

Technical Product Developer – Cloud services and Business Development
EQON is an innovative company, and would like to leverage on our great solutions to create more value in add-on services in the Cloud. We are a Microsoft Founders Hub member and use Azure as our main cloud platform. Are you business minded and at the same time a person with deep technical understanding – then we would like to talk!

Intern UX Design
We are always into improving the experience our clients have with our products, to make them attractive and easy to use. Are you up to joining us in creating a beautiful experience with us? Get in touch!

Problem solver (Business Development)
Our clients often have a problem they need solved – some know about it and others don’t. When we get to help them, they save large amounts of energy (and money) and they help saving the planet at the same time. If you are a person who gets motivated by helping others understand how they can contribute to reduce inequality and stop wasting energy, then we are ready to tango!

Mikal Løvik at

Bolder Technology

About us:

Bolder is on a journey to unlock the immense potential of human-centric technology. To us, privacy is not just a right, it is a way of life. By giving autonomy back to the user, we are unleashing a new era of value creation and collaboration. That’s why our digital platform is tailored to empower individuals and organizations to interact, engage, and flourish.

What we are looking for:
We are a purpose-driven company and are always eager to welcome team players who share our passion for human-centric technology, data ownership, and democratization of participation. 

We offer a flexible three-month internship, open to diverse backgrounds. Whether you are an IT wiz, a marketing fanatic, or a design geek, we want to hear how you can help us build a digital world worth participating in.

Eirik Skjærseth at


Trond Spande at


About Highstage:
Highstage is an independent software vendor providing business process tools to help our customers become top-performing product companies. Our product Highstage PLM/QMS is sold on a high corporate level to high-tech and med-tech customers in a need to improve their performance, quality and/or compliance. With a strong foothold in Scandinavia, we are now looking to expand in UK and BeNeLux.

Highstage is looking for:
One or two marketing students (3rd year or higher) for a part-time assignment. The tasks will be both on a higher level and a detailed day-to-day level.

  • High-level development of our story, USP’s, personas, customer journey, etc.
  • Plan tools and platforms for communication
  • Deploy webpage updates, campaigns, etc.
  • Monitor performance, adjust campaigns, manage leads, etc.
  • If possible, also master creative design and content/layout

Per Reidar Ørke at


  • Cybernetics
  • Plasma physicist
  • Sustainable advisor
  • Power electronics
  • CAD engineer
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Product Developer
  • Mechanical design & Structural Engineer

Johanna Johansson at
Lars Urheim at


About Foodback
In a competitive market where consumers expect a perfect experience, Foodback helps the food & beverage industry (restaurants, canteens, food producers ++) connect with their guests and improve their business through high-quality, actionable insights. Our goal is to identify hidden business opportunities, so our customers can make data-driven decisions and build meaningful customer relationships. Foodback is used at 2000 locations, spread across 9 countries and close to 400 cities! We are currently experiencing rapid growth, especially in North America, and need more hands on deck.

Part time openings for students
We are a fairly trimmed and efficient organization with very skilled team! We’re looking for people who thrive in a busy, borderline chaotic work life. Do not misunderstand, we do have structures in place, but we believe that a lot of freedom, and a license to fail, we are able to deliver at max to keep both our customers and employees happy. We use modern frameworks and tools to get the job done. Our company language is English and we live at FOMO Works in Sandnes, which is an adventure in itself.

We don’t have any concrete positions, but are looking for people who can help us with:

  • Development
    • Front- and back-end, but preferably full-stack
    • AI/ML and BI dashboard skills
  • Marketing
    • Marketing design (with possibilities for UX design to support dev)
    • SoMe responsible (with that we mean really engage a global audience!)
    • Content creation (home page, blogs, success stories, posts)

We have the opportunity to increase from part-time to full-time through summer 2024 if desirable.

Stian Løkling Pedersen at
Daniel Chaibi at

Visual Registration System

Rune Torblå at
Erlend Gundersen Røed at

Rogaland i miniatyr

About Rogaland i miniatyr:
An indoor adventure center of 2700 sqm downtown Stavanger that opens in January 2029. The exhibition highlights attractions from Rogaland and takes you on to an exciting journey in eras, places and timelines. Old school models in combination with new technology such as 360, 3D, VR, AR and AI. You will see and hear a wide selection of industrial history and business, discover our spectacular nature, famous attractions and hidden gems.

Skills we need: 
“Rogaland in miniature” are interested in students looking for an internship or working as a volunteer to expand their local network. In the long term there are also possibilities for students to take on smaller projects paid by the hour. We need skills like web designer, social media strategist, jr. business developer, marked explorer and tech explorers.

Join us in the process of developing the content and immersive experiences of this adventure center. You will get a broad overview of our local area and what Rogaland business region has to offer in many ways.

Jorunn Hodne at

In co-operation with:

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