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Ion Smart and Resilient Cities Accelerator Day

Norwegian Smart City forerunners (aka our Cluster members) will share their experience on “How Norway is mapping out the future’s Smart Cities” during The Ion Smarts and Resilient Cities Accelerator Demo Day hosted by the City of Houston.

Note that the full-day programme runs from 09:00-17:00 CDT. The Team Norway contribution is from 10:10-11:00 CDT (17:10-18:00 Norwegian Time).

Team Norway Programme

Cities all over the world are increasingly facing challenges related to sustainable growth and climate change. In parallel, innovative technologies are evolving as solutions to the challenges.

Norway, a champion for sustainable development, is embracing smart solutions for creating resilient, inclusive and attractive cities for its citizens. As a result, Oslo achieved the status as European Green Capital in 2019 and Bergen has the world’s highest number of emission free cars. Stavanger launched a Smart City Roadmap in 2014 and Ålesund become a hotspot for cutting-edge solutions after setting up an UN-supported smart city lab in 2019.

This session takes you to the smart city scene in Norway. Industry thought leaders from Stavanger and Ålesund will share some of their innovative solutions and lessons learned from infrastructure development, public private mobility projects, citizen engagement methods and government technologies.


  • Welcome and introduction, by Consul General, Ms. Hilde Skorpen

Part I: City planning & Mobility:

  • Guided by the Smart City Roadmap – the people-centered approach of the city of Stavanger
    Gunnar Crawford, Head of Smart City Stavanger
  • Using of a digital twin to improve rescue services response time.
    Joel Alexander Mills, CEO of Augument City
  • Autonomous buss in regular traffic
    Linn Terese Marken, CEO, Mobility Forus

Part II: Collaboration & Flood Protection

  • How open data can prepare a city for possible problems.
    Gunnar Crawford and Magne Eide, Partner – responsible for customer success at InfoTiles.

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