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Innoasis Open House

Are you curious about what Innoasis actually is? What’s happening here? Who sits here? Welcome to this open tour of Norway’s hub for urban innovation!

Come on a tour

Innoasis is so much more than a building!

It’s an arena for co-creation, testing and scaling. Here we gather people across industries and sectors to collaborate to reach our common goal of a smarter and greener tomorrow.

The community, events and activities are run by Nordic Edge, Norway’s official smart city cluster. Here we are working on helping are members grow and scale to the next level.

Do you want to learn more? Or are just curious to look inside this beautiful, circular rebuild? 

We invite you to join one of our open tours of Innoasis, at 10:30 or 12:00. Each tour take approximately one hour and requires registration.

Innoasis Week

The Open House is part of our varied programme for Innoasis Week!

This is a week where we get together to share knowledge, gain competence and grow our network. During 9-11 May you have the chance to experience a range of events in Innoasis.

Are you interested in attending any of the other events? Check out our event calender!

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