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Innoasis Living Lab

Innoasis is not only a beautiful office space for our residents, it is also a Living Lab for you to test and develop your solution.

Innoasis is a tool box containing activities and network to help you innovate and scale your business.

One of these tools is the chance to for you to test your solution in the building itself!

Being a Living Lab means that Innoasis is a real-life environment to test your solution with a user-centric approach. As a living lab we focus on co-creation, rapid improvements and continuous feedback through the process.

We are looking forward to launching this services for everyone during Innoasis Week. The event will focus on explaining what it means that Innoasis is a living lab, your possibilities for testing and what projects are already ongoing here.


During this event we will present to you what it means that Innoasis is a Living Lab, how we facilitate for this, and we will be presented with three projects that are already testing their solution in Innoasis!

14:00-14:15: Arrival and mingling

14:15-14:45: Presentation of Innoasis as a Living Lab

14:45-15:00:New access systems in Innoasis
No only has Veni used new technology in the building process of Innoasis, but they’re also using Innoasis as a living lab. One of the things they’re testing is new and innovative solutions for access systems.

15:00-15:15: Seamless communication for technical improvements of Innoasis
Proptly are providing Smedvig and Bravida with a tool that improves communication between them when a technical improvment is required.

15:15-15:30: The coffee delivering robot in Innoasis
Rembrain and Reveel are combining their products to present residents in Innoasis with the opportunity to order coffee from their desks, delivered by a robot that even takes the elevator!

15:30-16:00: Try the robot, mingle and discuss your next test!

The event is free for everyone

Innoasis Week

Innoasis Living Lab is part of our varied programme for Innoasis Week!

This is a week where we get together to share knowledge, gain competence and grow our network. During 9-11 May you have the chance to experience a range of events in Innoasis.

Are you interested in attending any of the other events? Check out our event calender!

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