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How to Enter Finland

Are you interested in expanding your business to the happiest country in the world? Let’s explore this stable, smart and sustainable economy as we travel to Finland!

Nordic Edge is taking steps to increase the exposure of Norwegian smart city solution in European countries through the Nordic Edge Growth Tour 2023.

The next stop is Finland, where we will help you with go-to-market strategy in Helsinki and Tampere, as well as attending the Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference.


How to enter Finland

Through How to Enter, you will be exposed to and understand the Finnish market and specific business culture. You will meet relevant market players and gather information and intelligence in order to make an optimal market entry strategy. Experts will provide you with hands on knowledge on the market needs and what business opportunities are present within your verticals.

For Finland we will cover two cities and markets, with both Helsinki and Tampere!

How to enter Helsinki

With its 1,2 million citizens, Helsinki provides a vibrant big city feel and an interesting market to scale your business. The Finnish capital is working on becoming “the most functional city in the world”, integrating technology into business and society to increase effectiveness. This provides interesting opportunities for you and your business. Through How to Enter Helsinki you will have the chance to explore this with local market experts.

How to enter Tampere

Although smaller than Helsinki, there is no lack of opportunities in the city of Tampere. Known as one of the leading industrial cities in Europe, the possibilities here are endless. The region is known for being a great place to grow your business by giving you access to support functions, for example a range of testbeds for your solution. How to Enter Tampere is an excellent place to start the journey of exploring this interesting region.

Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

While we spend time exploring market opportunities in Finland, we will be attending the Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference. This is your chance to expand your knowledge and grow your network in the happiest country in the world.

The theme for the conference is “Beyond the Abstract”, where the ideas are taken to action. The event combines forward-looking thinkers, cutting edge technology, services and solutions.

Practical information


Changes may occur

Sunday 4th June: Arrival in Helsinki and dinner
Monday 5th June: How to Enter Finland – Helsinki perspective
Tuesday 6th June – Wednesday 7th June: Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference
Wednesday 7th June: How to enter Finland – Tampere perspective

It is possible to sign up for one or both of the events, depending on what is relevant for you and your company.

Prices for How to Enter:

Nordic Edge members: 7,500 NOK
Non-members: 10,000 NOK

Application deadline: 14th May 2023

Contact Emilie at for questions about How to Enter Finland.

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