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How to accelerate growth with design

Cut through the noise and stay at the forefront. Welcome to a one-hour lunsj seminar with inspiration for start-ups. Hosted by Norwegian Smart Care Cluster.

High speed synonymous with life in a start-up. Fail fast, test and iterate is the nature of the game. Operating at the speed of light you can lose track of how to distinguish yourself from your peers.

This lunch seminar will be an hour of fun. You’ll be served easy to implement ideas, tips and tricks for your daily work.


  • Welcome by Klara Leander and Moa Correia
  • Inspirational talk and concrete tips and tricks to how design can help you cut through the noise
  • Break-out session where you will be challenged with a task
  • Check out and what to bring home


This event is organised in collaboration with EY Doberman:

  • EY Doberman reinvents businesses, products and experiences to help organizations master their new horizons. It’s home to 100 strategists, designers and engineers.
  • Studios in the Nordics, and a think tank in Berlin.
  • Recognized as the Best Place to Work & Best Digital Design Firm.
  • They have in depth experience in health and life science.

In co-operation with:

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