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Creative workshop at the square w/ artist Algebra

Priscila Serrano, also known as Algebra, is a multitalented artist whose main goal is to reach people’s hearts through her music and art. She has been active as a street artist since 2013, painting murals and engaging in environmental projects to reduce the waste created by spray cans. Her style is characterized by the intensity of colors, high contrasts and geometric shapes, often inspired by low-poly 3D designs, people, nature and human anatomy. Priscila has over 15 years of experience as an educator and runs Urban Hands, a nonprofit organization that aims to teach children and the youth to explore new ways of expression through creative means like music and film production, graphic design, street art, etc.

Artist Priscila Serrano, also known as Algebra, is inviting you to join a creative workshop on Wednesday May 11th, at 12 pm. Through this workshop participants will help create an artwork and learn how to think outside the box to improve productivity and efficiency while implementing creative processes in a work environment.

The workshop will consist of two parts:

  1. Theoretical introduction – creative process

The workshop starts with a theoretical introduction, where participants learn about creative processes and artistic methodology. The introduction is held in meeting rooms at Herbarium and will last approximately one hour. Meet at the square at 12 pm to join the workshop. It is a 5-minute walk to Herbarium, and we walk together from the square.

  1. Production

For the second part, the participants are invited into a creative process and production of an artwork, that takes place at the square. The production will last for about 2 hours, but participants are free to come and go as they wish. Bypassers and the inhabitants invited to join the production, as well.

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