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Creating a joint Nordic Smart City Model

Take part in co-creating a joint Nordic smart city model!

Municipalities and organizations from all over the Nordic countries have joined forces to define a smart city model based on Nordic social values, building on the good work that has already been done in different Nordic countries. The aim is to be an inspiration for Nordic municipalities of all sizes working with smart city processes, as well as strengthen the Nordic region’s position as a leading smart city region globally – offering an alternative smart city model that puts the citizens’ quality of life at the center.

It is important to gather as much input and knowledge as possible, and everyone is invited to take part in an open and virtual workshop taking place on 16 November from 13.00 to 15.30 CET.

In the workshop, the participants will explore and build on the following Nordic elements connected to smart city development:

  • Smart communities including rural regions
  • A planet-centered perspective
  • Bottom-up approaches and distributed power
  • Collaboration and open-source across borders
  • Personal control of data
  • Technology to support social economy
  • Citizen engagement and empowerment

Experts from each Nordic country, representing different sectors and disciplines, will reflect on the Nordic smart city model from their perspective giving short comment statements. All participants have the possibility to discuss and synthesize these perspectives together during the workshop.


About the initiative

At the core of this joint Nordic initiative, funded by Nordic Innovation, is a global need for an alternative, human-centered smart city model. Nordic characteristics and values such as high-quality public services, extensive user data, high levels of trust in public organizations, openness in decisions, citizen participation and respect for privacy make Nordic municipalities and cities an ideal starting point.

Based on already existing smart city initiatives and strategies in the Nordic countries, including the Norwegian National Roadmap for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities, we will develop a joint Nordic smart city model, which can serve as a framework for smart city work in cities and municipalities both in the Nordics and internationally. The model will describe how Nordic cities and municipalities can act as drivers and facilitators for collaborative processes and use new technology while protecting and putting forward the interests of the inhabitants.

In addition to defining and describing a Nordic smart city model, we will identify projects from each Nordic country that demonstrate the model in practice. These projects will be showcased in selected Nordic and international arenas.

The following organizations are behind the initiative:

  • Nordic Smart City Network
  • Nordic Edge
  • Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)
  • Danish Design Center
  • Danish Architecture Center
  • Bloxhub
  • Demos Helsinki
  • Iceland Design and Architecture
  • Nordic Urban Resilience Institute

In co-operation with:

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