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City under Microscope Stavanger

Join City under Microscope Stavanger online event on 18-19 March 2021

Cities and lighting professionals worldwide are invited to attend the City under Microscope Stavanger online event on 18 – 19 March 2021 organised by the City of Stavanger and LUCI, the international network of cities on urban lighting.

Discover how Stavanger’s urban lighting strategy is a catalyst for its green development : in addition to panel discussions and Q/A sessions, the innovative format of this online event will feature “walk and talks with city experts showing you around key Stavanger projects.

Experience Stavanger in a new way via this unique digital tour of the city with its urban planners and lighting experts!


Full programme, speakers and registration: Here

Stay tuned to #LUCIcmStavanger @LUCIassociation on Twitter for updates on the event!

Programme highlights:

  • How can we get ready for an oil-free future?
    Discover Stavanger’s innovative urban solutions for climate adaptation using renewable energy.
  • How can streetlighting infrastructure accelerate smart city strategies?
    Learn how Stavanger has established a smart roadmap for the future with contributions from the public and private sectors.
  • How can cities illuminate green infrastructure but minimise the impact of light on nature?
    Explore Stavanger’s lighting projects linking lighting for public health, wellbeing and biodiversity.
  • How can light be an urban catalyst?
    Learn about Stavanger’s lighting plan for the city centre and its co-creation initiatives with citizens.


Photo credit: Nanco Hoogstad

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