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Artificial Intelligence and Future Mobility

The mobility of the future will be strongly influenced by two megatrends: electrification and digitization. This session will explore how digitization and the use of methods from artificial intelligence can contribute to more efficient, traffic-safe and environmentally friendly mobility.

The Norwegian government’s strategy for artificial intelligence states that artificial intelligence represents great opportunities for us as humans and for society. Artificial intelligence can contribute to new and more efficient business models in business and efficient, flexible and on-demand services in the public sector. At the same time, there are many challenges, especially for the technology and analysis based on personal data. The wide spreading of the Internet of Things, development of high-capacity telecommunications networks and access to transport data are key elements in being able to utilize artificial intelligence in mobility. The strategy points to areas of application such as automated transport, intelligent traffic management and the construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure.

In this session, researchers from SINTEF will share their knowledge and experience with the application of artificial intelligence in mobility. There will be an opportunity to ask questions to the speakers, either in the session or as a follow-up afterwards.

Data-driven construction site: Construction machines are responsible for one fifth of the greenhouse gas emission from the Norwegian building and construction industry. Skanska, SINTEF, Ditio and Volvo are collaborating on developing algorithms that can dynamically map the construction site and activity, identify sub-optimal working patterns, recognize effective routing, find out which machines are needed where, and can coordinate all machinery in order to reduce the emission from civil road construction projects.
Presentation given by Signe Reimer-Sørensen.

VesselAI is a Horizon2020 project with the goal to develop an AI and HPC based framework for decision support in maritime applications. The Norwegian pilot case will use VesselAI framework services to support the Shore Control Centre operators with the planning and monitoring of the unmanned ASKO ferries crossing between Moss and Horten.
Presentation given by Marianne Hagaseth.

The digital mountain crossing: Mountain crossings are critical for transportation of people and goods between the different regions of Norway. However, operation of roads at such crossing’s during wintertime is challenging. In the project “The Digital Mountain Crossing”, led by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, new methods and tools are developed to help the different actors in the winter operation. This talk gives an overview on some aspects of this project, ranging from information sharing to sensor based deep learning prediction of driving conditions.
Presentation given by Jo Skjermo.

Smart transport in rural areas: Amela Karahasanovic is going to present the results from a research and innovation projects “Smart transport in rural areas”. The project is developing tools and services for Mobility-as-a-Service specially tailored for sparsely populated rural areas.
Presentation given by Dr. Amela Karahasanovic.

Moderator: Anne Marthine Rustad

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Anne Marthine Rustad, PhD, is Research Manager in SINTEF, where she leads the activities and research group on artificial intelligence. She has extensive industrial experience, and has previously worked at DNV GL, Boston Consulting Group and Aker Solutions. She holds a Master in Technology in Engineering Cybernetics and a PhD in Marine Cybernetics, both from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), including a research stays at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She has also been Adjunct Associated Professor at NTNU.

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Signe Riemer-Sørensen, , PhD, is a data scientist and researcher at SINTEF Digital. Her expertise is focused on the development of hybrid machine learning algorithms combining data driven methods and domain knowledge, for use in industrial settings, in particular within the domains of energy, construction and logistics.

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Marianne Hagaseth, (MSc/Computer Science) works as a senior research scientist at SINTEF Ocean in the field of maritime ICT and cybernetics. Her research covers information exchange and data integration in maritime transport, information systems for maritime transport and logistics, short sea shipping, maritime single window and ship-shore interaction for autonomous ships. She is involved in standardization activities as a committee member of IEC/TC80 on Common Maritime Data Structure and on Digital interfaces for navigational equipment within a ship, with the ISO standard 28005 on Electronic Port Clearance (ISO/TC8) and as an active contributor to IMO’s Expert Group on Data Harmonization (EGDH).

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Jo Skjermo Ph.D. is a Senior Advisor at SINTEF Community, Mobility and Economics. He has led and participated in collaborative research and innovation projects in the field of transportation research for more than 10 years in academia, research institute sector and a governmental agency (NPRA). He has a specific focus on ITS, applied Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

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Dr. Amela Karahasanovic is a Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF and Associate Professor at the University of Oslo, Department of Informatics. She holds a PhD in Software Engineering from the University of Oslo. Her expertise in the area of human-computer interaction, software engineering, interaction design and innovation. She has a broad experience from national and international research projects, published more than 60 peer reviewed publications in academic journals, conferences, and books within HCI, and serves as the reviewer and the advisory board member for EU projects. Currently she leads a research and innovation projects focusing on modelling user behaviour and interaction design for smart transport systems.

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