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Accelerating Innovation

Welcome to Accelerating Innovation at Innoasis, an innovation programme designed by Nordic Edge and the University of Stavanger to enhance your innovation capabilities. Through four sessions, we will explore various aspects of innovation and how to use it to take your organisation to the next level. This is a great place to acquire new innovation skills, share experiences and extend your network.

Key Features:

In-depth Knowledge: Acquire valuable insights from professors who will guide you through the intricacies of successful innovation management.

Real-world Experiences: Gain a deeper understanding by delving into case studies and experiences shared by other companies, providing practical perspectives on innovation challenges and solutions.

Interactive workshops: Immerse yourself in hands-on workshops, applying the acquired knowledge to your specific organizational context using innovative tools and frameworks.

Digital platform: As part of the programme, you will gain access to a ‘digital companion site’, which includes a variety of resources like videos, podcasts, tools, and more. These are designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with innovation management, offering an interactive and supportive learning experience.

The sessions

Accelerating Innovation is an innovation programme consisting of four sessions spread out through the year.

(Finished) Session 1: Are you in shape for innovation?
Discover your organization’s innovation fitness through the Innovation Fitness Test.
Read more here.

Session 2: The great innovation treasure hunt
Utilize the 4Ps framework to open conversations about the unexplored opportunities for innovation within your organization.
Date & Time: Thursday 6th June, 08:30-11:00
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Session 3: The Power of User Insights in Innovation
Mobilise the power of user insight as the best way to find new possibilities for innovation within your organisation.
Date & Time: Tuesday 27th August, 08:30-11:00
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Session 4: What we need is a culture of innovation – but how?
Everyone talks about the importance of having a culture of innovation, but how do we actually achieve this?
Date & Time: Tuesday 22nd October, 08:30-11:00
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Why Join “Accelerating Innovation”?
Challenge your perspectives, refine your approach, and forge meaningful connections with professionals who share a common interest in innovation. Elevate your innovation journey with evidence-based insights and practical tools.

Registration Options:

  • Singular Events: Tailor your participation by signing up for singular events.
  • Full Programme Access: Enjoy a discounted rate by securing your spot for all four events simultaneously.


  • Three remaining sessions: 2400  kr
  • Three remaining sessions, Nordic Edge cluster member: 1875 kr
  • One session: 1500 kr
  • One session, Nordic Edge cluster member: 800 kr


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