Nordic Edge Expo

Nordic Edge Expo

A knowledge exchange between the United States and Nordic countries at SXSW


Join for new insight, networking and market opportunities.

Nordic Edge Cross-Atlantic is a smart city conference and networking event hosted as an official event at SXSW. The conference programme will compare and showcase how international climate policy is adopted on a national and local level in the Nordics and the United States through high level talks and practical examples of how citizen involvement and private-public partnerships address global challenges

The programme is brought to you by Nordic Edge, Royal Norwegian Consulate General Houston, Innovation Norway and the Nordic Smart City Network.


  • Session I: No Way Norway! How Norway became world #1 on EV mobility – its just a start
    Transitioning to EV mobility is high on the agenda in climate plans across Europe and the United States. In Norway more than 50% of all new cars in 2020 was electrical. The private and public sector in the United States are following suit.This session will present Norway’s policy and infrastructure for EV mobility, and showcase how electrifying the carpark is only one element in the nation’s all-electrical future – taking us to sea and the air through to ground-breaking new technology.
  • Session II: Sustainable Cities: Spectacular Design Meets Climate Challenges
    The world has set ambitious targets of drastically cutting emissions from buildings, what market opportunities does this present. This session will outline U.S. policy on emission reduction and showcase technology for energy efficiency. We’ll see the climate effects of using the traditional building material in new and rebuilds. Transforming cities also involves changing the way we use the city. Examples of creating liveable urban areas will also be addressed.
  • Session III: Nordic Smart City Summit
    The world is committed to drastic transformation through implementation of the UN Sustainability Goals, Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal ambition of 100 climate-neutral cities within 2030. This session will compare and showcase how international policy is adopted on a national and local level in the Nordic countries and the United States. Our cities are tasked to drive the change. Addressing global challenges requires innovative thinking. Best practice examples of public-private partnerships will be showcased.

Due to the time difference the programme starts in the morning for participants from the United States (09:00 DST), which is afternoon in the Nordics (15:00 CET). Registration is required for networking purposes and European GDPR legislation compliance.



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