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Shocking! Electrified urban freight, here sooner than you think…

Ten years ago, it was unthinkable to most in the industry that freight vehicles would be electrified any time soon. What with such large batteries needed, large distances that needed to be covered by the vehicles (even in urban areas), and such constant use, it did not seem possible. Roll on 2021… there are several electric vehicles available: from electric bin lorries, vans and trucks, and even autonomous freight pods. This is not to mention smaller electric vehicles, delivery robots, electric barges and (electric) urban air mobility for freight. But when will they be widespread, what charging solutions do we need, and do these electric solutions cover all urban freight transport needs?

During this session, we will discuss among experts in this topic, tackling some of these questions and more. What solutions are there for urban freight transport electrification, and what stage of development are they at? What role for different actors, and how can we support promising solutions to scale? And… can our electricity grids handle all of this?

We will stream live from Copenhagen, with speakers and panellists both online and at the Royal Norwegian Embassy of Norway in Copenhagen. An introductory keynote will be followed by a lively panel discussion, interspersed with Q&A from the audience both online and in Copenhagen. For those joining in Copenhagen, a reception will be held after the session.

Welcome to this, the third event in our series of Nordic+ Mobility webinars run jointly with EIT Urban Mobility, Innovation Norway, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen, and ITS Norway.

Session Facilitator: Jenny Simonsen, ITS Norway

Co-facilitator: Dr. Anna Clark, EIT Urban Mobility

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Dr. Anna Clark has worked in the field of urban mobility for 15 years. She works in the innovation team at EIT Urban Mobility based in Copenhagen, and is Challenge Area Lead for Sustainable City Logistics. Before joining EIT Urban Mobility, she worked as a sustainable transport consultant in Sweden (Head of Area Climate, Energy and Environment), and as a project manager for European mobility projects at the city network Polis in Brussels. She holds a PhD in transport from the Institute of Transport Studies at the University of Leeds in England. Anna’s drive is in supporting the shift to sustainable urban mobility, and she is particularly passionate about working on decarbonisation of the transport sector to help us reach our climate goals. She also holds the position of president in the organization Women@EIT.

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