About NablaFlow:

NablaFlow aims to change the way we let the wind shape the world around us with the power of High-Performance Computing. The vision is: “We aim to reshape the world of wind simulations by streamlining, automating, simplifying, tuning and finally deploying web based tools, bring the power of HPC CFD simulations on browser and mobile devices.”

Social media manager and content creator

With the Olympics approaching, many projects completed, too many cool things to share, but not enough time to share them, we are looking for you to take care of our social media!

We are signed in Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but there is a lot of space for improvement. For the candidate, this translates to an opportunity to test yourself in a working environment without being worried about making a mistake. Moreover, we think we are a good team of international people who like to have fun together, experimenting with new activities.
Working with us means also working with our partners which include: INEOS grenadiers, Nordic edge, Pinarello, Holon Arkitekter, Helen&Hard, and Olympiatoppen among the others.

Bonus trainee position

We are also looking for a three.js or WebGL king or queen – is this you?

Are you interested?

Send your CV and letter of application to info@nablaflow.no to apply!