Educational technology could hardly be more important and relevant than it is right now. The conference will be held 23 - 25 September 2020, but not in an ordinary setting– we are giving you a digital conference this year.

Our conference is all about exploring the digital teaching and learning solutions out there. We are also a part of the Nordic Edge Expo, who work to promote smart city solutions. Since the corona virus prevents everyone from traveling and gathering in groups for a while, it was an easy decision to make the conference digital.

We are happy to announce that Tobias Heiberg Jørgensen will return to be the moderator for the conference. Tobias is the Head of the Teacher Education Programme at Playful Learning at University College Copenhagen (Københavns Professionshøjskole).

Digital is the new normal

Teachers and lecturers around the world suddenly had to start using new tools and applying new methods in their teaching. Businesses had to learn how to cooperate from a distance. And leaders how to communicate and lead without meeting their employees in person. Although many have used digital solutions at work before, no one could imagine that the whole world would switch to this degree of digital – in a heartbeat.

 So, we have the tools, but which ones work best? Do we know the right methods for teaching and cooperating in a digital landscape? Will the sudden turn to digital solutions change teaching and businesses forever? And what is the way forward after this digital awakening?

We do not have all the answers but trust us – these questions and more will be debated during the KnowHow EdTech conference in September.

Practical information

We will get back to you with the details on how to sign up and how the conference will be streamed as soon as the puzzle comes together. However, there are a couple of things we can say already:

  • It will be a conference – not a webinar. Which means you will get curated content from different angles, put together by the expert conference team
  • Instead of a one-day-conference, we will spread the content out in shorter sessions during the three days on 23 – 25 September
  • The conference will give you a mixture of content, from keynote speeches to interactive sessions

We promise, the conference will not suffer from going digital. It might even be better!

Get link to the streaming platform – or watch on YouTube!
KnowHow EdTech 2021: The digital revolution is over

KnowHow EdTech 2021: The digital revolution is over

The discussion about educational technology continues at the KnowHow EdTech conference for the sixth consecutive year. We will shed light on the most important issues in the field, share information about what the future holds, pose some pretty difficult questions – and most importantly: provide you with inspiration and effective tools.

Received funding for digital cube presented at KnowHow EdTech

Received funding for digital cube presented at KnowHow EdTech

The founders behind the DIGme Learning have received funding from Innovation Norway to help commercialise their product. After presenting their innovation at the KnowHow EdTech conference in September, another incubator company has also made contact to find out more about the startup’s potential.