Nordic Edge are thrilled to announce the addition of two new colleagues to the team, and welcomes: Tore and Torill. We are confident that they both will bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that will greatly benefit our organization and the communities we serve. Their addition to the team comes at an exciting time for Nordic Edge. With new projects and collaborations on the horizon, Tore and Torill´s expertise will be invaluable in helping us achieve our goals and drive meaningful change

Meet Torill Steinback Hoel

Torill have been navigating the innovation-scene over the last seven years as an entrepreneur herself, and she is very familiar with some of the challenges and roadblocks in the ecosystem around start-ups and companies who take it upon themselves to tackle the need for change in our society.

She belives that Nordic Edge, with the large cross-sectorial network and traction on projects across sectors, has established a unique and very much needed position in the ecosystem.

“In my opinion, the system of today is not rigged for companies that need a longer runway, which is the case for many start-ups in the current scenario. So, for me, it is about the bigger picture. Nordic Edge can be both a challenger of the system, and a trusted bridge, to help remove the barriers which keep the solutions we need to get established as robust businesses.”

Her main responsibility will be the urban energy vertical and with a good overview of the large Nordic Edge-network, our members and their range of solutions, she will play part in driving existing projects and developing new projects as a tool to help our members on their journey. She will also be a resource for the whole Nordic Edge team in their various project and initiatives.

When asked what she looks most forward to, she answered the following:

– Getting to know the cluster members, putting my background to use for them and developing my competence in a new field (energy). Being a part of this enthusiastic team with its diversity of competence and experience and I´m eager to put my background into the mix and see what happens!

I think the team is well equipped to help “bridge the gap” between the challenges we see, the need for speed and the ecosystem that´s supposed to frame and support initiatives for a green transition.

Say hello to Tore Bringsjord Granstrøm

Tore is our new Community + Event Manager at Nordic Edge/Innoasis. He is a dedicated and creative person with diverse experience that includes business development, content creation, event planning, and social media marketing. As a Community & Event manager in Nordic Edge, he will strive to further develop the Innoasis community by making it a dynamic, social and desired arena that accelerate innovation.

His journey has been marked by a consistent drive to innovate, engage audiences, and deliver impactful results. He is known for his creative thinking, outgoing personality, and solution-oriented approach, which have all been pivotal in his career growth and success.

Tore gets highly motivated in collaborative environments where teamwork drives success. Working with diverse, talented people enhances his creativity and fosters a positive working environment. He believes the best outcomes are achieved by combining strengths and supporting each other towards common goals.

When asked why he said yes to the job, Tore answers:

– I thrive in creative environments where every day offers new challenges and opportunities for development. Nordic Edge works to promote innovation that builds a greener future, which is incredibly rewarding to be a part of. At the same time, Innoasis is an inspiring and dynamic building, with a vibrant office community and exciting content. I look forward to getting to know all the people here and contributing to creating a dynamic workplace filled with professional and social content that inspires and motivates!

Want to reach out to our new team members? Contact them below

Tore Bringsjord Granstrøm

Community and Event Manager at Innoasis

+47 905 41 725

Torill Steinback Hoel

Business Developer

+47 900 99 349