The diverse group of start-ups present at this Nordic Fund Day showcased solutions that will propel us towards a greener future in our cities.

Nordic Fund Day has evolved to be our main Investor Day for start-ups and investors solving urban challenges. It is Nordic Edge’s most visual activity towards our international network of investors investing in, and supporting Nordic companies with smart and green solutions for our future cities. We have been building this network and creating Nordic Fund Day as a meeting place since 2021 with the goal of bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors who share a common goal of driving sustainable urban development.

The Nordic Urban Tech startups participating this time around are tackling many of the biggest challenges we are facing related to climate change, pollution, and resource exhaustion – and as we all know, the companies developing the solutions to cope with these challenges will be the once giving the biggest returns on investments.

The most forward-thinking investors from all over Europe was attending to meet these twelve selected companies in their search for new ideas and people to invest in.

When arranging Nordic Fund Day for the seventh time earlier this month, over 70 start-ups, over 100 investors and 300MNOK had been made in investments at previous events. After the run through of the 12 start-ups presenting this time and hearing the buzz of the conversations happening in the room, we are hopeful these numbers will increase even further in near future.

“We are seeing the results of years of arduous work, building a network of the right investors that understand the needs of the startups and see the potential”
, comments Emilie Marthinsen Christensen, who leads the investor work at Nordic Edge. She adds that in the past few years more than 300 million kroner has been invested in early-stage companies connected to smart city clusters network.


Participating in the Nordic Fund Day 2024 was an incredible experience. The event’s organization and the inspiring backdrop of Stavanger provided an ideal environment for meaningful connections and innovative exchanges. The presence of forward-thinking investors and talented entrepreneurs was truly inspiring. The valuable advice and the event’s focus on paying it forward were exceptional. The support from the Nordic Edge team was unparalleled, making it an invaluable event.

– Shweta Singh from the startup IluSpace


Nordic Fund Day is not just another mass pitching and drinks networking event; it’s an intimate gathering of everyone you need to know in the Nordic scene. It’s all about fostering the right emotions and bringing together the right people for one productive evening. As a jury member, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Urban Tech companies, which are not only innovative and forward-thinking but also significantly contributing to the decarbonization of our urban environments. Furthermore, the curated matchmaking and fjord boat ride ensured that no networking opportunities were missed.

Patrikas Feiferas, investor in Contrarian Ventures

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Nordic Fund Day 

So far we have connected over 70 start-ups with more then 100 funds. Throughout our seven events a total over 300MNOK has been made in investments. Nordic Fund Day is heading towards it’s eight in full speed with more spectacular matchmaking in sight.