Startups are the lifeblood of innovation, and nothing is more important than connecting early-stage companies with the right investors and capital to fuel their growth. This is why Nordic Edge is running its 7th edition of the Nordic Fund Day.

In the past few years, startups in search of investors and funding have faced significant headwinds because of macroeconomic conditions. Typically, raised interest rate levels make riskier investments less attractive, making it harder for early-stage companies to attract capital in the market. Without the necessary resources and support, many groundbreaking ideas may never see the light of day or reach their full potential.

To mitigate some of these challenges, Nordic Edge has built an investor network that now plays a crucial role in providing the necessary capital and guidance needed to transform ideas into reality. Overall, these investments fuel the engine of innovation that creates new jobs and drives society forward.

“We are seeing the results of years of arduous work, building a network of the right investors that understand the needs of the startups and see the potential”, comments Emilie Marthinsen Christensen, who leads the investor work at Nordic Edge. She adds that in the past few years more than 350 million kroner has been invested in early-stage companies connected to smart city clusters network.

This year, more than 70 companies from all over the Nordic region applied to be a part of the Nordic Fund. The event will take place in Stavanger on 7. May

Nordic Fund Day in London a few years ago was key to the startup company Proptly’s growth.  The opportunity to pitch to investors did not just secure them with international funding through PT1 and Styx, but also changed their trajectory. Their shift to a more internationally focused business has made them move beyond the traditional national focus that many startups tend to have.

“The Nordic Edge team stands out for their proactive support. They are always ready to assist us and connect us with invaluable networks in key sectors. We are truly thankful for these opportunities that have broadened our horizons and positioned us for international success,” said Gunnar Windsand Sem, CEO & Co-founder of Proptly, in a comment.


Of the number record of applicants, only 12 companies with scalable and novel solutions have been selected to pitch to more than 40 VCs and CVCs in addition to a significant group of angle investors and other financial institutions. They will all be connected through a day of pitching and matchmaking in Nordic Edge Innoasis.

“The Nordic Fund Day has solidified its position as a staple event in our calendar, offering an opportunity to build connections with founders and investors from the Nordic region. Over the past two years, the event has undergone remarkable growth, expanding its program to include an exclusive event and a diverse array of insightful workshops,” said Nick Gosen from KOMPAS VC.

He added that “As an international fund, we firmly believe that prioritizing these smaller, more intimate events is a strategic imperative in strengthening our network within the dynamic Nordic ecosystem. By fostering close-knit interactions, we can build enduring relationships and gain invaluable insights into the region’s entrepreneurial landscape.”