In short: Our members, startups, investors, academia, private and public sector. Not very clarifying you might say. Well, let us explain a little more.

The Nordic Edge Expo transcends traditional boundaries to bring together a diverse array of professionals. The Expo serves as a melting pot for members, startups, investors, academia, and representatives from both the private and public sectors. In an era where collaboration is imperative, Nordic Edge Expo emphasizes the need to break down silos and foster partnerships to shape a greener and smarter future.

Gone are the days of working in separate lines; Nordic Edge Expo envisions a future where collaboration is the key to success. The Expo thrives on the belief that its unique strength lies in the wide variety of professions and titles represented. Participants from every sphere of society converge to form a collaborative ecosystem where ideas can flourish, and solutions can be forged.

The Expo’s strength lies not in the uniformity of its participants’ fields of work, but in the diversity of their mindsets. Embracing a common ground centered around a forward-thinking mindset, Nordic Edge Expo becomes a nexus for changemakers. Whether you’re focused on products, municipalities, companies, ideas, or growth, the Expo provides a platform to meet like-minded individuals who share a passion for building a better tomorrow.

Innoasis Community Annual Report

Nordic Edge Expo stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. By bringing together individuals with diverse perspectives, the Expo catalyzes the formation of key partnerships that extend beyond professional boundaries. The focus is not merely on the present but on laying the groundwork for a greener and smarter future. From sustainable practices to innovative technologies, the Expo is a hub for those committed to driving positive change.

In essence, Nordic Edge Expo transcends conventional definitions of industry-specific events. It is a gathering of changemakers who, irrespective of their fields of work, unite under a shared vision for a greener and smarter tomorrow. As the Expo continues to grow and evolve, it stands as a beacon for the power of collaboration, innovation, and a collective commitment to building a sustainable and intelligent future.

The common ground for participants of the Expo is not their field of work, but their mindset.

We gather the changemakers.