Ampliuz and Bikeloop are among the winners of the agile piloting competition at Site 4016.

This summer businesses, organisations, and neighbours were invited in to participate in an agile piloting competition at Site 4016 in Åsen, Stavanger. The two selected winners are members of Nordic Edge, and both are working with different aspects of solving urban mobility with bikes. At Nordic Edge we are proud of the winners.

These two companies will now get 250 000,-  NOK each to test their solutions at Site 4016 for the next six months. To quote Ampliuz; “With our charging solutions, we aim to make life easier for you as a cyclist and simpler for those who want to facilitate for cyclists. The goal is simple: more cycling, less driving.”

The competition is conducted through NEB-STAR, which is an EU initiatived project intended to promote social and sustainable ways of living. Stavanger municipality as a partner in NEB-STAR has taken lead on the agile piloting, and aim to help create a sustainable area that both businesses and the neighboorhood can take ownership of and use both during day and afternoon.

To further explain; Agile piloting is an experiment where selected contributors get to test their solutions in real life setting, for a limited period.

Here is all the winners: 


Ampliuz is a Stavanger-based startup developing a new standard in safe and smart charging of batteries for e-bikes. With their charging solutions they aim to make life easier for you as a cyclist and simpler for those who want to facilitate for cyclists. At Site 4016 they will provide access to charging electric bike batteries and also loaning out cargo bikes. The goal of the agile piloting is to see if there is a market for combining the rental of cargo electric bikes for both businesses and private citizens in one and same solution.



Bikeloop is a startup that wants to contribute to more people cycling on the road to net zero emissions. In the agile piloting they are offering an access system for secure bike parking through self-developed parking solutions for all types of bikes. The Bikeloop flex-house is an independent unit with a battery and power supply, constructed from sustainable materials. The aim of the test is to evaluate if there is a market for offering secure bike parking at business meetings, encouraging employees to use bikes for external meetings, and providing the neighborhood access to the same facilities.

Fullt Fokus

Fullt Fokus is a non-profit organization engaged in social entrepreneurship related to vulnerable children, youth, and their families. The organization has established collaborations with various actors in social entrepreneurship, care work among children and youth, child welfare, Kirkens Bymisjon, and the Red Cross.

At Site 4016, they will test their mobile container gym. Here, residents and visitors to the area can train for free, using top equipment from Eleiko and digital training guidance from the Fullt Fokus team. The primary target audience is children and youth, but the offering can also be adapted for businesses and others using the area.

ÆRA Strategic Innovation

It’s said that 80 percent of the buildings the world needs by the year 2050 have already been constructed. Some of these buildings stand at Site 4016 in Stavanger. The goal of ÆRA’s quick-test is to raise the level of ambition for a more sustainable construction industry by experimenting with ideas that set a new agenda.

Æra will gather all stakeholders for an inspirational day at Site 4016 to learn about the regenerative, create a mission, and develop some new pilot projects that initiate this development.

Yay Learning

The startup company Yay Learning aims to conduct a pilot test of an app that spreads knowledge through micro-learning. It involves transferring knowledge or ideas into the most crucial parts and teaching them. The app includes e-learning functionalities while employing UI/UX from social media apps, making the solution inspiring and fun. The goal is to create a seamless experience where people can learn and explore while in public spaces. Through QR codes at selected locations in the area, individuals in the district gain access to new knowledge presented in a simple and exciting manner.

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