A week at Smart City Expo World Congress has come to an end. Nordic Edge has been here supporting both big and small members.

Smart City Expo World Congress is a key meeting point for experts and leaders of the world’s most innovative cities, companies, research centers and international organizations. Together with our members we have used this event to move cities towards a better future. We have been here with Innocode, Firemesh, Signify, EQON, Zygizo and Stavanger kommune.

Many new connections and friendships have been established – and the foundation for great collaboration and innovation has been formed!

Day 1

On the first official day our members have been on our stand to promote, connect and learn. Many new exciting connections have been made.Β  Β 

Emilie led a session called Innovation in cities, and highlighted both the challenges and sucess stories of innovation. In the panel was Odd from Stavanger kommune, he spoke highly at the NEB-STAR led agile piloting happening at Site 4016.

We lastly took our members with us on a tech tour, visiting our good friends in both AWS and Microsoft!

Day 2

Day two started out with a visit from a school in Stavanger, and students from Barcelona. They have a course called “Innovation and leadership” and got a session togheter with Stavanger Kommune, learning about how to make Stavanger City smarter.

We then took our members on a little city tour, first stopping by Dallas and ending up in Asia at Japan.

Malin from Doga and Trygve took the stage on behalf of NEB-STAR, and gave a presentation to the expo and NEB-community about the exciting things that are now happening in both Pedersgata and Site 4016

Lastly, but not least; we held a session at the Nordic pavilion, where the big question was: Is the Nordic in the forefront of Impact Investment?

Speaking about impact, at the end of the session Emilie enthusiastically announced the launch of tickets to Nordic Edge Expo 2024 with a special Barcelona bird sale, this is an Expo you dont want to miss out on! So join us, and be the change: https://www.nordicedgeexpo.org/

During the event, we also met up with our partners from the Polish organization PFR, with whom we are carrying out the Hack the Climate project together with 🌱 This special collaboration is a direct result of last year’s Smart City World Expo Congress, and we are really looking forward to the digital Hackathon we will now conduct at the end of november. Read more about it here: https://nordicedge.org/2023/11/05/hack-the-climate-municipalities-seek-developers-programmers/

It will now be exciting to see what comes out of this years congress, and we look forward to follow up on our members.