Four municipalities have been selected for the hackathon in the Hack the Climate project. To achieve their goals, they require your assistance!

These are municipalities that want to work in new ways to find innovative solutions to tackle the climate challenges these cities stand up against. The best solutions at this Hackathon will be rewarded and implemented to support green transformation and contribute to the fight against climate change. In total, there will be a prize pot of 40,000 euros.

  • Now we are seeking developer teams that can work together with the municipalities to explore the challenges in a digital hackathon that will take place 24. – 26th november.
  • They municipalities were chosen after an extensive and lengthy discussion  by the jury on both polish and norwegian side with participants from National Energy Conservation Agency i Polen (KAPE), and Veni. They wanted to find the most interesting use-cases for programmers to solve.

As an developer, you now have the opportunity to work on these exciting projects! Programming teams can register to take part in the hackathon and choose one of the four prepared challenges.

Setesdal + Stavanger

For Stavanger and Setesdal, agricultural-related water pollution is a challenge that requires the use of new technologies to monitor, control and reduce pollution related to agricultural activities. These two cities together would like to use Hack the Climate to explore how environmental monitoring and management of heavy rainfall and agricultural practices can help improve water quality and turn stormwater and surface water into a resource rather than a problem. 

Challenge: How to manage water resources intelligently?


The challenge of the City of Sulejówek concerns the reduction of tree cutting and increasing the city’s resistance to challenges related to global warming. The aim is to propose a solution that will convince residents to minimize these fellings by showing the real value of trees and the specific ecological and climatic benefits associated with their presence in cities. Expected results include a reduction in the number of felling requests and the preservation of existing trees, which in turn will contribute to the protection of biodiversity and the mitigation of the urban heat island effect.  

Challenge: How can we estimate the value of each tree?


City of Rzeszów faces a key challenge related to convincing its residents to use ecological means of transport. The aim is to reduce street congestion and air pollution by encouraging the use of greener travel options. Rzeszów plans to create a dedicated mobile application or internet platform that will enable residents to plan trips, access information on means of transport and calculate costs. By supporting alternative forms of travel, the city aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment and increase convenience and improve the quality of life in the region. In the longer term, this may also make it possible to reduce the space allocated for parking lots and allocate it to green areas. 

Challenge: How to convince residents to use alternative, ecological means of transport to reduce traffic jams and air pollution?


A city whose local economy is based mainly on hard coal mining. In the face of economic transformation and diversification of energy sources, Bieruń strives to create a city resistant to climate change, meeting the needs of current and future generations. Their task is to expand the economic base, no longer related to mining. The key to the success of this transformation is improved communication with city institutions, involvement of residents in the process of designing urban space and a new approach to its use.

Challenge: How to teach residents how to design a city resistant to climate change during economic transformation?

Today we invite development teams to join our Hack the Climate community on Discord and register to participate in the hackathon . PS. Starting packages are waiting for the first 130 participants!

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