Nordic Edge is building for the future – both the community in our innovation hub Innoasis and our own team. We now have the pleasure of introducing three new colleagues.

We are currently building a new team to increase our speed and visibility both in Norway and in Northern Europe. The three people hired will boost our ability to deliver on projects, follow up individual members and raise the profile of both Nordic Edge and our members. They bring with them broad knowledge from their fields, are strong team players and are highly focused on creating an innovative and forward leaning Nordic Edge culture.

“We received more than 120 applications for two open positions and have landed on some very exciting and talented people that will increase our visibility and speed going forward,” said Terje Eide, CEO of Nordic Edge, in a comment.

With more than 130 companies and organisations in the cluster, plus 27 companies in the Innoasis coworking space, our new hires will be busy from day one. Two of them will work on making Nordic Edge and our partners more visible, while the third will be working on projects and with our members from around Norway.

«We are very pleased to get the three onboard to boost our speed going forward», Eide added.

Our new team members

Solveig Olsen, Communication Advisor

As a 9 year old, Solveig Olsen wrote in her diary that she wanted to be a world changer. On her way to achieve this ambitious goal, she has taken no less than three different educations in psychology, project management and design. Since then she has been working as a health worker, lived abroad working for various NGOs, and she has experience as a graphic designer.

“I’ve been working with Nordic Edge on different design projects before, admiring the purpose of the organization from the outside. Therefore, when an opportunity to apply for the position as communication advisor came up, I couldn’t resist. I’m a firm believer that change is possible and I’m very much looking forward to working together towards smart with a heart with the best team” Olsen says.

Andreas Østrem, Communication Advisor

Our second communication advisor is Andreas Østrem. He is passionate about the art of storytelling, which is clearly visible through his career. He started in the movie industry 15 years ago and has since then developed his skills to be working with key communication within marketing and branding. The past four years, he has been working for one of Norway’s biggest theme parks, developing a unique guest experience and building a strong communication across all platforms.

“I’m looking forward to continue my journey by being able to communicate and tell the story of Nordic Edge, and all the exciting projects that lies within clusters, partners, innovation and sustainability, and daily get to work towards building a smarter greener tomorrow with lots of heart, passion and dedication”, Andreas says about starting in Nordic Edge.

Anette Engh Bakke, Project Manager and Business Developer

Our third addition to the Nordic Edge team is Anette Engh Bakke. She will be working as Project Manager and Business Developer in the cluster, ensuring that we are giving value to all of our wonderful members. Anette holds a master degree from the Norwegian School of Economics, and she is now joining us from Innovation Norway. Here she has been advising and financing several of the region’s innovative companies.

“I am excited to join Nordic Edge to continue to work closely with both local and national companies to create commercial opportunities, with the focus on building a greener and smarter tomorrow”, Anette says about starting her new position in August.