Nordic Edge was selected to present at a seminar for the parliamentary groups of the Norwegian Labour Party and the Centre Party regarding the new National Transport Plan (NTP).

In the spring of 2024, the Norwegian government will present a new NTP. Emissions must be cut, nature and topsoil preserved, and export income increased. At the same time, the financial room for maneuver is becoming tighter. To succeed, new ways of thinking and knowledge about mobility policy is required.

Under the title “An active business policy needs an active sea and port policy”, Steinar Meling, Senior Project Manager at Nordic Edge, shared how the maritime sector can contribute to green value creation for the future.

– It is both interesting and inspiring to be able to contribute to the NTP, and to focus on the business development potential that lies in the plan, said Meling after the meeting.


Utilizing the blue line
As land-based infrastructure is heavily overloaded and a 50% increase in urban transport globally is expected by 2030, Meling pointed out that the blue line must be utilized as a sustainable alternative to land infrastructure. This requires low investment costs and low maintenance. Furthermore, it reduces car traffic to central areas and facilitates good urban development through the expansion of the living and working regions around the big cities.

Contributing to creating good mobility solutions
In addition to sharing how Norway has both the ability and opportunity to get an increased competitive advantage within the field, Meling also pointed out which risk factors can prevent us from succeeding. A too narrow focus on traditional infrastructure, too many levels of administration in the public sector, and that the lack of risk capital constitutes an obstacle to innovation processes, were mentioned.

To achieve our overall ambition to create sustainable urban society for the future, Nordic Edge must contribute to creating good mobility solutions. Through our work within this area, Nordic Edge has experienced many of the challenges mentioned above firsthand. Sharing the lessons learned and getting the opportunity to influence politicians can have a great impact on our further work towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

CEO at Nordic Edge, Terje Eide, comments that political influence is an important part of the company’s role.

– Nordic Edge shall, to a greater extent than before, be an active influencer that ensures clearer political priorities and a greater understanding of what is required to develop sustainable and smart cities. We are happy to be invited by the governing parties to share our clear message, he says.