The German smart city market grows by an average of 17% yearly, and it is expected that the turnover related to smart cities in Germany will be a whopping 84.7 billion euros by 2026! This offers many opportunities for Norwegian companies solving urban challenges.

Scale your business to Germany

For Norwegian SME’s that are considering Germany as their next market, we are now setting up an export programme together with Innovation Norway. This programme suits companies that are exploring opportunities in this region, want to strengthen their presence in this market and have relevant technology services or products for this segment. Participating companies must have a desire to develop and validate their Go-To-Market strategy, and be willing to commit time and resources to the program and follow up on identified business opportunities.

The program starts at the end of March 2023, and the deadline for registration is 3 March 2023.

Goals for participating companies

  • Be exposed to and understand the German market and specific business culture
  • Meet with relevant market players
  • Understand what the market needs and what business opportunities are present in this region within your verticals
  • Gather information and intelligence in order to make an optimal market entry strategy

Why participate – your company: 

  • has relevant technology services or products for this market
  • Is exploring opportunities in Germany and wish to strengthen your presence in this market
  • Is looking for R&D partners within this region
  • Would like to build and confirm your Go-To-Market strategy
  • Is willing to set aside time and resources for the programme

In addition to Innovation Norway’s own expertise on the ground in Germany, local industry experts will share their knowledge, expertise and network. These experts will also provide 1:1 input to participants as a preparation for what to expect in the market and advice on how to move forward in the marketing plan.

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The programme consists of three gatherings in Norway/digitally and two market visits in Germany.

  • Kickoff workshop: 28-29 March 2023 in Norway (lunch to lunch)

  • Preparatory meetings/gathering: digital

  • First market visit: in the week from 22-25 May 2023

  • Collection with preparations for other market visits: end of August – digitally or physically in Norway

  • Other market visits: 9.-13. October 2023

  • Final collection: December 2023 – digitally or physically in Norway

Dates that have not yet been announced will be determined in consultation with the participating companies.

Registration deadline and participation fee

The deductible per company is NOK 25,000. Costs for travel and accommodation are additional.