This week, cluster members Intoto, InfoTiles, Nablaflow and Innocode are on a delegation trip in Denmark to explore the possibilities that lie in expanding to abroad.

– Copenhagen Capacity and Nordic Edge, two solid partners that know us well, have put together a comprehensive program and a robust setting that is difficult to achieve on your own, says Johnny Gunneng from InfoTiles.

Overcoming challenges
The delegation trip is a part of the initiative “Opportunities”, which aims to facilitate for companies to overcome challenges related to entering new markets by providing them with what they need to prepare and succeed with a Go to market-strategy.

– The main challenge is to understand framework conditions such as legislation, the buyer’s journey and getting physical presence. Copenhagen Capacity know the Danish market well and are experts in supporting foreign companies, so they will be of great assistance in overcoming these challenges.

Solid business value
In advance, all companies have prepared a Go to market-strategy they will present to a panel of experts within internationalization, customer development, sales, public sector and legislation. After improving their strategy based on the feedback they receive, the companies will meet potential customers and partners and attend matchmaking events with Danish Investors, such as TechBBQ, something Gunneng looks forward to:

– We look forward to the whole package, to be a part of a social trip with solid business value. TechBBQ will also be a highlight of the trip, he says.

Interested in attending Opportunities?

The next “Opportunities” will be arranged in London 18-20th October. Are you a startup or scaleup interested in expanding to the UK? Join us in London for three days filled with networking, professional input, and expert guidance, all enabling new business opportunities abroad.