In collaboration with our cluster member Trefadder we are planting the Nordic Hedge!

This is the start of our own carbon compensating forest that will keep on growing, both in size and in height, each year at the Nordic Edge Expo. Come by the Trefadder-stand to buy a tree and contribute to the Nordic Edge forest “Nordic Hedge”.

Are you travelling by plane, train, boat or car to the Nordic Edge Expo? Do you want to climate compensate for your carbon footprint?

We all have in common that we want to make smarter and greener cities, and what better way to do this than to plant trees that are actually growing for a better future?

At the Trefadder-stand in our Living Lab in Stavanger city centre you can come by to buy a tree which will be planted in the Nordic Edge forest. Help us make this forest as big as possible! After the expo we will share how much CO2 that was compensated for by all of you contributing to the Nordic Hedge.

CEO of Nordic Edge, Stig Finnesand, has this to say about the Nordic Hedge:

“Trees represent life, trees is a core component of the Nordic identity. Planting a tree represent a goal and hope in a long term perspective.

Let the Nordic Edge hedge grow to store and capture CO2, as part of a sustainable ecosystem and to contribute as a habitat supporting the Nordic biodiversity”.

We’re looking forward to growing the Nordic Hedge together with conference guests and citizens 10-11 May at the Nordic Edge Expo.