After receiving great applications from all over the Northern Europe, the jury from Smedvig, Lyse Invest, SR-bank, ProVenture, STYX Urban Invest and Kompas VC has completed a tough selection process and handpicked the most promising startups to present at Nordic Fund Day!

This is Nordic Fund Day

Nordic Fund Day is an interactive event aimed at connecting start-ups with compatible investors. 10 start-ups have been hand picked through a thorough selection prosess and are now ready to present their smart & sustainable business idea to a professional investor network. Startups, scaleups and investors will join from all over the Nordics and Europe.

The last time Nordic Fund Day was September 2021. It connected start-ups and investors for a day of fun and funding. Result: Investments have already been made, and more are coming.

Would you like to be invited to join as an investor? – send an email to


Water as weather. Why cannot humans and computers relate to changing waters around us – just as we do with weather? Because there is not enough data, not smart enough solutions and no understandable tools. That’s what Intoto is making. A platform of software and hardware to give water data to everyone. Clients are ports, hydropower industry, infrastructure interest, liming industry, municipalities and more. And later – everyone!


Smartwatt delivers an algorithm-based control system for automatic adjustment of heating, ventilation and cooling systems in commercial buildings. The control system functions as a digital technician who adjusts temperature and air flow continuously in real time to achieve comfortable indoor climate with minimal energy cost. Using machine learning and AI the system achieves up to 40 % energy savings and improved indoor climate.


Geniess ambition is to accelerate the grid-scale energy storage revolution. By providing software to help battery storage system developers identify the right customers, right-size battery storage installations, and optimize the overall business case & system configuration. This means their battery storage clients such as solar plants, electric ferries, and zero-emission construction sites can make battery decisions easier, faster and more profitable – meaning more positive investment decisions and tangible bottom-line impact.

Alva Industries

Alva has developed and patented a new production method, FiberPrinting™, for electric motors (and generators), allowing rapid customization by reducing time and cost. This enables tailored solutions for companies that previously could not afford this, in a global market worth >$150bn each year. By combining fiber materials with various properties, motors produced with FiberPrinting also has improved performance such as higher efficiency, lower weight and less noise than traditional motors. Alva will revolutionize electric mobility by providing more reliable and efficient motors to cars, drones, airplanes, boats, ships, robots and much more, through direct sales or licensing of technology.


Data enables better and more complete understanding of cities. It enables businesses, governments and citizens to make better decisions, deploy resources more effectively and, potentially, save lives. 3DAI™ City is a smart city platform giving access to timely, relevant and actionable data about your city. The platform is a multi-feature, cost-effective and scalable answer to the growing demand for data about the urban environment. It is made accessible by deploying a smartphone on a vehicle already operating in the city. Special hardware or sensing vehicles, which only add congestion, cost and pollution, are not needed.


Elonroad has developed a road-based charging solution for all electric vehicles, providing the necessary steps to electrify the future of transportation in a sustainable way. Our patented solution is comparable to the electrical car tracks you played with when you were younger. It uses conductive energy transfer and has a 97% efficiency. We offer both a static, dynamic and closed looped solution, and have one of the smartest software in the business. Elonroad is the smarter way to move humanity and we want to make EVs accessible for everyone.


Vianova provides the operating system of the public realm, working with cities and mobility providers to better distribute & control access to public space. Our data platform enables seamless exchange of information between mobility providers & cities regarding traffic and curbside management. Cities can get access to mobility insights directly from the connected vehicles for improved real-time transport orchestration and more informed urban planning. We also enable cities to push to mobility providers accurately and efficiently geo-fenced regulations. Mobility providers can access our Policy API to dynamically receive from local authorities, regulatory and infrastructure information lik speed limit, operating zones, curbside, road closure and so on.


Homeboxx offers seamless handover of online retail-goods through a sophisticated technology platform that is integrated with the logistic operators. The receiving household got full control on their deliveries of groceries, medicines, and valuable parcels on the Homeboxx app. The goods can be picked up from the box at the customers convenience. For the supplier deliveries can be made easy and inexpensive. The courier can deliver and pick up parcels 24/7, no longer restricted by traffic jams and prime time requirements – providing higher customer convenience at a lower last mile delivery cost than traditional doorbell deliveries.


Circularity in construction (recovery and reuse of materials), CO2 reporting of existing buildings, and energy efficiency and planning for existing buildings. We digitalise existing building portfolios in order to carry out new requirements for CO2 reporting, to help building owners plan for future works and efficiency measure, and to identify materials and components for reuse & recycle. As a technology company working with building data, we also evolving the automation and AI space within Proptech.


Damages to buildings amount to enormous losses for construction companies & building owners. This happens because the workers can’t do the necessary quality checks in critical places and at crucial stages of the building process. At Woodsense we enable construction companies to make their quality assurance more efficient, while lowering the risk for damages to buildings for building owners. We do this with our sensor solution that can detect leakages, moistening of products & critical mould conditions with our one-of-a-kind wood moisture content sensor & intelligent alarm system.