Many students are looking for relevant part-time jobs to gain valuable work experience and network during their studies. Together with Valide, LevelUp and the University of Stavanger, Nordic Egde Innoasis hosted Join a Start-Up Night, creating a meeting place for companies and students within the smart city field.


Students met potential employees

As part of our student recruitment programme, Innoasis Forward, we invited cluster members and students to Innoasis in Stavanger last Thursday.

At 18:00 the room was filled with the buzzing atmosphere of 100 students excited for the opportunity to meet companies who potentially could be their next employer. 10 companies presented themselves and their available positions, followed by mingling, food and drinks.

Valuable network building

For two hours conversations were initiated, connections were built, and contact information was exchanged. Both students and companies could report on a successful night with a clear feedback that this is something we should do again!


Thank you to the companies who participated and all the students who came to the event! If you’re interested in applying for any of the positions they are available here.