Nordic Edge Innoasis and the University of Stavanger invited companies and students to an event where they could exchange potential problems for a bachelor or master dissertation – and with huge success!

Innoasis Forward is an initiative to connect academia closer together with the private and public sector. Through different events students get the chance to meet companies in various settings, and vice versa.

For this event, companies joined us at the university to present themselves and what challenges they are facing. The students can then help solve these challenges through their bachelor or master dissertation.

The event was a big success, with around 100 students participating and 12 companies. After the presentations, many of the students lingered to get the chance to talk to the companies about the potential for collaboration.

Hopefully this will contribute to multiple interesting theses that benefit both the companies and students!

The companies that presented potential topics for the students were:

  • Nordic Edge Cluster and Nordic Edge Innoasis
  • Zeabuz
  • Forus Næringspark
  • Mobility Forus
  • Nivel
  • Entro
  • Radiance
  • Klimapartnere and GrønnBy
  • Beyonder
  • Trefadder
  • Sandnes Municipalities


The next event happening for Innoasis Forward is Join a Start-Up Night. Here start-ups looking for extra help get the chance to meet students looking for an interesting and innovative part-time job. You can read more about this event here.