At the square during Nordic Edge Expo 2021 the City of Stavanger have been present with stalls about everything from art to gree change to how they contribute to innovation.

On Tuesday 22 September a side event at Nordic Edge Expo was the kick-off for Young Entrepreneurs Rogaland (Ungt Entrepenørskap). At the square the young students were introduced to the challenges and problems the city is facing, in the hope of inspiring them to come up with solutions!

The students at Eiganes school in Stavanger presented their solution to the plastic problem in the world called “Pladro”. The Pladro is meant for boats and planes to capture plastic. They believe this invention could help the planet and save lives.

Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland presented their innovation model and weighed on creativity and reframing as important factors for creation. Testing ideas rapidly and gaining new insight is part of Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland´s innovation model. By understanding the problem and needs in advance of any solution possibilities are easier to discover.