Here are the links shared by speakers during the conference.

Tuesday 21 September

Dale Johnson

Digital Transformation of Teaching and Learning (8:18) June 2021

ASU adaptive+active approach information video (2:30)

BioSpine Overview

Mike Tholfsen

Landing page:

Launch blog:

Interactive click-through:

End-to-end demo:

Tacoma School District:


K12 one-pager PDF:

HED one-pager PDF:


Today’s presentation:

Twitter: @mtholfsen


Top 10 new features in Microsoft Teams 2021

Wednesday 22 September

Benoit Wirz

The latest Brighteye European Edtech Funding Report, half year 2021, is found here:

Digital Edulab, University of Stavanger

The Comuter Game Guide Book will be available in English and Spanish soon. For now, here’s the link to the Norwegian version.


If you want the printet version, please contact:

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