A new school development project in Denmark, Play@Heart, aims to explore how playful approaches can contribute to children’s learning about and with technology. Get fresh insight on the project and experiences so far in a Special Session at the KnowHow EdTech Conference.

The Play@Heart project is unique because it focuses on children’s play and construction with technology as what must pave the way for being able to perform in a digitalized world.

“Play is children’s natural way to learn – both when it takes place in the classroom, on the playground or on digital platforms. In play, children examine, construct and test reality, both when it takes place in physical and digital environments. But what is completely natural for children when playing with clay, sand or bricks should also apply when it comes to digital technologies,” explains Tobias Heiberg, Head of Programme, Playful Learning Programme, at University College Copenhagen.

Holistic school development

Play@Heart is described as a pedagogical exploratory project, where teachers, school managements and municipal school administrations jointly investigate the interplay between children’s creative play with digital technologies, learning and development.

A playful approach will be the focal point of 12 schools, working with the qualities of the play and technology understanding as cornerstones of the pedagogical foundation. Schools’ pedagogical staff are invited to explore creative learning environments, technology understanding and the potential of play in relation to children’s learning.

In addition, the participating schools establish innovative and untraditional learning environments, so-called ‘PlaySpaces’, where both adults and children can play, experiment, learn and be creative with technology.

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Read more about Play@Heart

Play@Heart was initiated by Denmark’s university colleges together with the LEGO Foundation, and is a part of the Playful Learning Programme, which explores the potentials of a playful approach to children’s development and learning.

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