Elise By Olsen started her career when she created the youth culture magazine Recens Paper and is known as the world’s youngest editor-in-chief. At KnowHow EdTech she will talk about how she educated herself and ultimately had to drop out of school to pursue her career.

We ask the question: Is school an enabler or a hinder for creativity and innovation?

Elise By Olsen has received international recognition for having renewed traditional publishing and critical conversations in culture for a modern audience.

Over the past decade, she has worked with brands and companies such as Google Arts & Culture, TEDx, the BBC, Business of Fashion, the British Fashion Council, Facebook / Instagram and Prada. In 2018, Gucci produced a documentary about her work and in 2019 she was a guest editor at Another Magazine.

Elise is currently working as editor-in-chief of Wallet, a new publication dedicated to critical dialogues in the fashion and media industry. In 2020, she realized her ultimate dream project and founded the International Library of Fashion Research, a specialized fashion library with extensive programming.

The fashion library will collect, document and preserve a diversity of artistic actors and talents related to the fashion industry. Fashion houses like Prada and Gucci are already on the team.

Elise By Olsen will contribute on KnowHow EdTech on 21 September at 12.00 CET

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