We are proud to present KS, the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities as partner of Nordic Edge Expo 2021.

Kristin Weidemann Wieland, Executive director Research, innovation and digitalisation at KS

An Active Partner

The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) is the organisation for all local governments in Norway. All municipalities and county councils are members, and KS strives to ensure that all local governments influence how Norway develops good local communities that meet the citizens’ needs. 

KS lobbies for good structures, conditions and greater local freedom of action for our members. The aim is that local governments become better societal developers and service providers, and we work every day strengthen local democracy.

“KS is proud to announce the role as an active partner of Nordic Edge, and we, together, have a common ambition of contributing to develop smart, sustainable cities and communities in Norway.

For a sustainable future, a sustainable tomorrow, through innovation – often driven by digitalisation and smart use of new materials and use of technology: Let’s come clean, focus on tomorrow’s life actually, no matter where you live or are going to stay, either you’re on the move or not,  see the potential in all places, and let us be creative in how we can rethink the use of all spaces. This is an important place to be, to see and to share. Join us, at Nordic Edge Expo 2021!”

Kristin Weidemann Wieland, Executive director Research, innovation and digitalisation, KS

Illustration photo: Anthony Tan, Unsplash