Innoasis Forward is a collaboration between Nordic Edge and the University of Stavanger. Our aim is to link businesses and academia, facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking. We believe in pushing the next generation FORWARD.

Whats in it for you?

As a student we want to give you the opportunity to work with innovative companies, working towards smarter and more sustainable societies. You will learn how to put you academical knowledge into practice, gain valuable work experience as well as expanding your network.

As a company we will help you get first-hand access to committed talents with up-to-date academic knowledge. We want to ease the time recruiting with a quick “fill in form”, standard contracts and offer our channels to the students. Innoasis Forward will advertise your position in various networks. We will host events where we bring your job openings or assignment proposals in for students at  the University of Stavanger, as well as other colleges and universities. If the student is a good match, you can make arrangements with the student as a part-time employee for further projects or assignments, or even as a full time employee after they graduate.

What we do

  • We make it easier for our cluster members to choose students when hiring
  • We function as a communication link between students and companies
  • We facilitate for networking and collaboration
  • We inspire students to work for smart and sustainable societies
  • We help and assist when it is needed

    To navigate the available positions, post a job or get more info about Innoasis Forward: