Innoasis Forward is a collaboration between Nordic Edge and the University of Stavanger. We want to function as a link between businesses and academia, facilitating for collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking. We believe in pushing the next generation FORWARD.

Why post a job at Innoasis Forward?

Once you’ve filled in the form, your open position will soon be visible on our website, distributed to all student organisations and around the university campus. It can be posted on the University of Stavanger student recruitment page as well.

Nordic Edge Innoasis will host recruitment and networking events where we connect students and cluster members – and inspire the students to work for smart and sustainable cities. At these events, you will get the opportunity to present your company, job openings, and student assignments.

Students are likely to have a high and updated level of competence in relevant areas for your business. Therefore, you can provide tasks where the students can use their academic knowledge.

If the student is a good match, you can continue to use the student as a part-time employee for further projects or assignments, or even as a full time employee after they graduate.

Before hiring a student, we recommend reading our Best Practice Guide.