This Friday start-ups and investors will connect and collaborate at Nordic Fund Day. Here’s what’s in store.

From a great number of applicators from all over the Nordics, we have narrowed it down to seven brilliant companies that will get the opportunity to present their case at Nordic Fund Day. The companies have been selected based on the market opportunity, the business model stage, TRL, team composition and the sustainability impact.
In addition we will have three winning startups from Nordic Smart City Challenge on Thursday Feb. 18, being fast-tracked to us as a nice kinder surprise.

In the presentations from 10:30-12:30 CET you will get to see:

  • Disruptive Engineering – We provide next generation traffic data with our unique road sensor system – insights that improve traffic flow, road safety and the environment.
  • Droppin – To be the market place for selling last minute availability and fill free capacity for services suppliers through automation, personalization and dynamic pricing.
  • LINKAI Technologies – We develop B2B privacy-preserving AI solutions to inspection, testing and certification of critical systems to empower smart manufacturing in Sweden, and the Nordics.
  • Moodie – Powering sustainable, mobile and borderless cultural events through digitization and AI.
  • Podbike – The Podbike® velomobile is a new concept for sustainable personal transportation with its four wheels, electric assist and protection against the weather. Being partly human powered, it can be cycled like a regular bike, giving you the same light exercise as an electric bike.
  • SafeBikely – Next generation of bicycle parking, offering safe and dry bicycle parking with direct access from your smartphone. 
  • VisiLean – Cloud-based construction management service that supports Lean production planning and control workflow, offering a direct integration with BIM (Building Information Modeling). 
  • Nordic Smart City Challenge  – Winner Challenge 1 – Enabling a healthier city lifestyle
  • Nordic Smart City Challenge  – Winner Challenge 2 – Supporting sustainable communities and urban infrastructure
  • Nordic Smart City Challenge  – Winner Challenge 3 – Reimagining transport, mobility and flow in cities

The pitch session will be followed by 1:1 meetings between the investors and start-ups in the afternoon. The start-ups will connect with this line-up of investors:

  • Link Capital
  • Oxx Venture Capital
  • IceBreaker
  • Alliance Venture
  • Proventure
  • SNÖ
  • Sprettert
  • Statkraft Ventures
  • High Rise Ventures
  • Nordic Ninja
  • Nysnø
  • Investore
  • Lyse Investeringer
  • Havslund Eco
  • GC Rieber
  • SAEV

We look forward to an eventful, digital fun(d) day!